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Trump again blows up a careful White House statement with a tweet

19 May 2017

There was also Rep. Barbara Comstock, R-Va., who voted against the dog's-breakfast health-care bill, who put out a statement when Comey was sacked, which read in part: "I can't defend or explain tonight's actions or timing of the firing of FBI Director James Comey".

Comey has since been invited to testify before two Senate committees, and has been asked to turn over his notes of his conversation with the president.

Eggleston noted that because everything the White House does can get politicized, his job was to police what Obama could or couldn't say with respect to any law enforcement investigation - including cases investigated by state authorities involving black men fatally shot by police.

"I wouldn't put much credibility into whatever Putin's notes are", Rubio said on Fox News.

Mueller said in a statement tweeted by CBS News: "I accept this responsibility and will discharge it to the best of my ability".

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The Russia issue has, however, clouded his early months in office. "So we need to establish facts before we jump to conclusions".

Green was the first of his Democratic colleagues in the House to call for Trump's impeachment, inspired by a New York Times report claiming that Trump asked Comey to end an investigation into the former National Security adviser, Michael Flynn. He says he wants to determine whether the president attempted to influence or impede the FBI's investigation into Flynn.

Trump left the White House Wednesday morning to head to CT where he was scheduled to give the commencement address at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.

The Justice Department announcement came after the market close. And Buell argued that the developments had strengthened the case for Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein, who is overseeing the investigation because Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself, to appoint a special counsel to handle it. "Full stop", Eggleston said.

Mossad?s former chief further added that the revelation may be a significant blow to Israel's intelligence about ISIS but White House insisted that Trump did not compromised national security by sharing information with Russian officials.

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Trump fired Flynn on February 13, on grounds that he had misled Vice President Mike Pence and other officials about his contacts with Russians.

Trump told them the appointment would allow them to refer questions to Mueller, giving them space to focus on policies such as tax reform. "If he had, I'm certain he would have resigned and then gone up and down the chain of command and perhaps to Congress to report why he was resigning", he said.

Even House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, who has been less than enthusiastic in pursuing potential wrongdoing in this administration, shot off a letter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation demanding all Comey memos documenting conversations with the president.

Mueller, 72, was decorated as a Marine Corps officer during the Vietnam War.

Mueller was credited with transforming the FBI, putting more resources into counterterrorism investigations and improving its cooperation with other United States government agencies.

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Trump again blows up a careful White House statement with a tweet