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Trump Administration Upholds Iran Sanctions Waiver, Keeping Nuclear Deal Alive

19 May 2017

The U.S. imposed new measures aimed at punishing Iran for developing ballistic missiles while continuing to suspend sanctions linked to its nuclear program, in a reflection of the Trump administration's hard balancing act toward the Islamic Republic.

On Wednesday, the U.S. Treasury Department placed sanctions on Iran over concerns about its ballistic missile programme.

"Farasatpour coordinated the sale and delivery of explosives and other material for Syria's Scientific Studies and Research Center (SSRC) on behalf of DIO". In the meantime, Jones said, the us will keep implementing the deal, including the sanctions relief.

The Treasury Department froze US assets belonging to the Iranian officials, Morteza Farasatpour and Rahim Ahmadi. During his tour of the Middle East, Trump will visit Saudi Arabia and Israel, two countries who are also very concerned about Iranian expansionism and terrorism.

It came days before Trump's deadline to make a decision on whether to issue waivers temporarily suspending some anti-Iran sanctions.

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The Trump administration is keen to maintain its tough stance against Iran ahead of the president's visits next week to Tehran's main foes - USA allies Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Qasemi, said Iran's ballistic missile program was not a breach of the nuclear deal.

Trump imposed new penalties on seven Iranian and Chinese people and companies regarding the Islamic Republic's ballistic missile program.

Also under US sanctions hit the Iranian company Iranian Novini System Management.

Under the terms of the 2015 deal, the previous United States administration of president Barack Obama agreed to waive sanctions on Iran's nuclear program in return for controls to prevent its developing a bomb. The dual announcement of the sanction waivers and new measures could conceivably have some impact on voting intentions.

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"The Treasury Department is imposing new sanctions on Iranian defense officials, an Iranian entity, and a China-based network that supplied missile-applicable items to a key Iranian defense entity", Jones said in his statement.

The Iranian government and some Iranian citizens have been disappointed that U.S., European Union and United Nations sanctions relief provided so far under the nuclear deal has failed to spark an economic renaissance.

Iran denies seeking nuclear weapons and its foreign ministry on Thursday condemned the new U.S. sanctions and announced plans to impose its own against "nine USA individuals and companies".

The Trump administration said Wednesday, May 17, 2017, it will continue granting nuclear sanctions relief to Iran, keeping the Obama-era nuclear deal intact for now.

The State Department released today its semi-annual report to Congress detailing sanctions imposed on persons involved in human rights abuses in Iran.

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