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Tim Cook spotted testing Apple's glucose monitor

19 May 2017

Tim Cook has been spotted at the Apple campus test-driving a device that tracks blood sugar, which was connected to his Apple Watch.

If this technology becomes feasible then it will not only be beneficial for Apple, as it would further the sales of Apple Watch but it will essentially act like a utility for diabetic patients - for whom the hardware has been developed in the first place.

Now more evidence has been revealed that supports the rumor that the new Apple Watch will have a glucose monitoring feature. The report claims that the team is "part of a super secret initiative, initially envisioned by the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, to develop sensors that can non invasively and continuously monitor blood sugar levels to better treat diabetes". According to a recent CNBC report, Cook is reportedly testing the rumoured accessory to monitor how the blood sugar levels could be controlled by various factors like food and exercise. Based on this, it sounds like the team has yet to figure out a way to get it inside the Apple Watch as it seems like at the moment it still exists as a separate device.

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The indication that a new Apple product is on the way comes after Cook told University of Glasgow students in February that he had recently been wearing a continuous glucose tracker.

Apple's interest in non-invasive glucose monitoring techniques could indeed pave the way for some breakthrough research in treating diabetes and other emerging challenges in life sciences. "This is an area where I'm very excited about Apple's contribution", he said.

Apple does not typically comment on rumours such as this one.

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The device aligns with Apple's move into the health market in which it has placed its Watch Series.

Still, there was no word from CNBC's sources on whether Apple might release a glucose tracker and when that could happen.

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Tim Cook spotted testing Apple's glucose monitor