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The Movie "Aliens" Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment

19 May 2017

For the purposes of "Alien: Covenant", you're safe to disregard the three "Alien" sequels, and the "Alien vs. Predator" movies, none of which were directed by Scott.

After an accident in space, most of the crew is awakened from stasis, but a few crew members die - including their captain. Filled with sleeping settlers and run by a crew made up of couples, they're bound for a remote planet that might be hospitable to life. We can name the actors in the cast-besides Fassbender and Crudup, we've got Katherine Waterston, Danny McBride, Carmen Ejogo, Jussie Smollett and Callie Hernandez, among others-but it hardly matters. Why would Weyland send yet another Android knowing how destructive they can be? Here, we follow the crew of the colony ship Covenant.

Fans of the "Alien" franchise who found the prequel "Prometheus" (2012) to be insufficiently hair-raising will be in heaven this time around. He says that the extra scenes released before the movie "give [me] an opportunity to create a history for [my] characters", and will help audiences "understand some of the dynamics of the entire group".

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"Alien: Covenant" is set between the events of "Prometheus" and "Alien" and is directly informed by the events of "Prometheus", which took place only 10 years earlier.

Even as the film opens with the title screen - accompanied by Jerry Goldsmith's iconic theme - the tone truly feels closer to Scott's first film in the series.

Instead of smart characters that are easy to cheer for, Covenant has pointless characters that are led to their death by stupid decision after stupid decision. It's unbelievable to watch. Even though she's dressed like Ripley and given all the tools to be the hero, as a character, Daniels doesn't connect the same way. Her Daniels, a terraformer who just wanted a cabin by a lake on a faraway planet, is widowed right away.

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First, for those who aren't familiar with the concept (or never bothered to stay until all the credits stop rolling to see what's at the end), the after-credits scene is a final bit tucked at the very end of the movie.

In terms of performances, Michael Fassbender is excellent despite being given some questionable and unusual material to work with. He's continues to be incredible. There's more monster for the buck than there was in the previous Prometheus, but the human hosts don't make an impression. Here's everything you need to know. One day, Reginald Hudlin (Director) came to me and asked me "I want you to do a cameo on my next movie" and I was like 'are you kidding me?', of course I want. What it lacks in originality, it makes up for in blood.

Prometheus tried cutting to the core of the origin of the Aliens tale, and while it didn't present anything entirely new, there were thrills, chills, and some genuine eye opening moments. It feels nearly like a trick-an attempt by Scott to reflect on mortality and hubris but sneak it past an audience by wrapping it in a familiar franchise package.

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