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Starbucks offering coffee ice cubes at select locations

19 May 2017

But while ice cubes dilute your coffee when they melt, coffee ice just melts into more coffee.

Starbucks on Monday began testing coffee ice cubes in iced coffee drinks in two markets, St. Louis and Baltimore, according to spokesperson Holly Shafer. The coffee ice cubes are also now only available at 100 Starbucks Corporation stores in St. Louis and Baltimore. The caffeinated cubes, which are made from Colombian coffee, will cost an extra 80 cents.

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Will you add coffee ice the next time you head to Starbucks?

So in if you live in Baltimore or St. Louis, congratulations, you get to take advantage of the ultimate iced coffee experience. One used it to make a white mocha frappuccino, reporting that "the coffee ice really made it better". Not only do they keep your drink cool, but they keep it from ever getting watered down. One quick search for "coffee ice" on Pinterest shows that this idea is not new or even novel anymore. Think about all of the ways that you can spruce up your coffee orders! Yes please. Swapping out regular ice in Frappuccinos for coffee ice?

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Starbucks is no stranger to beverage tests and innovative food launches.

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Starbucks offering coffee ice cubes at select locations