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SNL Shares Outtakes from Melissa McCarthy Cruising Through NYC as Sean Spicer

19 May 2017

"I'm telling you exactly what President Trump told me".

After teasing Melissa McCarthy's return as Sean Spicer in several promos, "Saturday Night Live" did not disappoint.

Before the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live aired this past weekend, we knew that Melissa McCarthy would bring back her hilarious take on Sean Spicer, despite the fact that the White House press secretary wasn't around much the preceding week.

Two sketches on Saturday mixed political zingers with risque remarks, questions about Trump's mental stability and a moment that might make its two subjects uncomfortable. Yikes. When he gets to a matryoshka doll with Vladimir Putin on it, McCarthy's Spicer tries to hide it.

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On "Saturday Night Live", however, the press corps pointed out Spicer could be seen just outside the briefing room, hiding in some bushes while he peered in.

As McCarthy's Spicer explains: "Let me put this whole Russian Federation thing to bed: Trump is innocent. He's my friend", SNL host and McCarthy's Spicer replied, apparently shakened.

In real life, Sanders was forced to field questions about the press secretary's role as Trump threatened to cancel all press briefings - and SNL jumped into that debate head first. That's followed by "James Comey" as Jake the Dog from Cartoon Network's Adventure Time.

She then took her mobile podium on the road, driving down the streets of New York City in tears.

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McCarthy asks Baldwin, who is playing the president in the sketch.

"Only since you started working here", Baldwin's Trump responded.

"Kiss me", said Baldwin's Trump, over Spicer's objections that he has a wife. Sad music plays as Spicer laments the rumors of Sanders actually replacing him full time. "I'm famous, it's okay".

"Is this like The Godfather when you kiss me and no-one ever sees me again?" asks Spicer.

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Responding to questions about Trump's state of mental health, Spicer retorted: "If he's insane, he's insane like a fox with mental problems".