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Robertson: Tories manifesto thwarts will of Scottish Parliament with "cruel austerity"

19 May 2017

The First Minister also criticised Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson for attempting to "stir up division" over the constitution.

The Sun runs with the headline "Blue Labour", calling it a "bold bid" to win over socialist voters, and inside the paper says the choice between the Conservatives and Labour at the ballot box is a "no-brainer".

Ms Dugdale suspended nine councillors in Aberdeen after they defied the wishes of the ruling Scottish Executive Committee (SEC) and went into administration with Conservatives in the city.

She will add: "This week the Scottish Labour Party - already weakened - has entered a state of civil war". Download it today and continue to enjoy STV News wherever you are.

The seat became vacant after John Lamont quit his Holyrood job to focus on bidding to claim the Westminster seat that the SNP's Calum Kerr beat him to last time round.

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She said: "The reason that we're in this position and that Labour is at the centre of all these power-sharing talks is because both the SNP and the Tories ruled out dealing with each other two weeks ago in a complete petty political manoeuvre".

"And it may well find its way back".

"I had three part-time jobs to support myself and I still couldn't make ends meet".

"In great swathes of the country, it is only the Scottish Conservatives who are strong enough to take on the SNP". "We have to set that out at the time because there are still some uncertainties, many uncertainties, around the Brexit process".

"We are committed to workers' rights, boosting low pay, getting a good deal for our fishermen and improving the education of our young people so cruelly let down by this Scottish Government".

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The SIRP leader has not yet received a reply from Sturgeon on his request that she removes the SNP candidate from the Edinburgh West contest, but added: "That call from us still stands".

James Kelly, Scottish Labour's General Election campaign manager, said: "Ruth Davidson wants people to believe that she's a different kind of Tory, but the reality is that the Scottish Tories are the party of the "rape clause" and a hard Brexit".

"What we've seen over the past few years in Scotland is a collapse in the Labour vote - much of it has turned to the SNP - we're now seeing Labour lose a lot of its remaining support to the Conservatives".

The biggest ruction thus far is in Aberdeen, where the elections ousted the previous Labour administration and left the SNP as the biggest group, with Labour lying third behind the Conservatives. In seats like Coatbridge, Chryston & Bellshill, East Lothian, East Renfrewshire and others Labour is in second place to the Nationalists.

"Give me the ability to strengthen Scotland's hands in those negotiations, get a seat at the negotiating table and argue for Scotland's place in the single market", Sturgeon said this week.

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