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Mother of 8-year-old boy who killed himself speaks out

19 May 2017

Gabriel Taye killed himself at home on January 26, two days after a disturbing incident inside a restroom at the West Price Hill school.

Reynolds' attorneys say she didn't learn her son was bullied until they saw an email written by a Cincinnati police detective that describes a January 24 incident outside a boys' bathroom, where the attorneys say Gabriel was knocked unconscious.

In the wake of Gabriel's suicide, the school's surveillance video was reviewed by a Cincinnati homicide detective, who emailed the school to advise them that he believed he had witnessed bullying in the video.

The district released copies of a choppy 24-minute-long video that shows one boy bullying other students and then, according to the mother's attorneys, pushing Gabriel into a wall when he tried to shake the boy's hand and knocking him unconscious. A Carson Elementary School official told Reynolds that her son fainted.

The demonstrators outside Carson Elementary School on Friday carried signs with slogans that said, "Say no to bullying" and "Honk for Gabe".

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Cincinnati police said they would have no further comment about the case, and they directed question to the coroner's office. ". She would have called the police because other children need to be protected from what was going on, and she would have wanted the school to be up front with her so she could have made the decision not to send him back".

Cincinnati Public School officials released a disturbing surveillance video on Friday of an attack on an 8-year-old boy in a school bathroom by another student - an incident that took place two days before the boy took his life.

A handful of parents and others are demonstrating outside the elementary school attended by an 8-year-old OH boy who killed himself two days after a bully knocked him unconscious.

"It is our firm position that the allegations portrayed in the media are not supported by the video", the district said in a statement. "His vitals are fine, he's fine and she chose to come to the school to get him to make sure he was okay and she took him home", the mother's attorney, Jennifer Branch, said.

"On Mother's Day, please remember Cornelia and Gabe and give the people you love an extra hug in Gabe's memory", Branch said.

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It's unclear in the video if Taye hit his head on the wall or the floor and if that ultimately knocked him out, Leader said, adding that the video shows other students pointing, laughing and kicking Taye before school staff found him and revived him. The school system said that it is "concerned about the length of time that (the boy) lay motionless and the lack of adult supervision at the scene" but that administrators followed protocol by having the nurse evaluate him. The boy's mother was asked to pick him up and take him to a hospital "to be checked out", the statement said.

Leader, the family's other attorney, said Gabriel had no history of mental health issues and described him as a happy-go-lucky kid.

Amy Henson's daughter attends the same school as Gabriel. In the evening, his mother took him to Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center because he was vomiting.

Gabriel's mother took him to the doctor for what she thought was the stomach flu when he complained of stomach pain.

Branch said the parents at the school deserve to know about the incident to hold honest conversations about bullying in school. Their investigation has concluded and no charges were filed. No one knew what had happened earlier that day, her attorneys said.

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Cincinnati Public Schools had originally refused to release the video after the Enquirer learned of its existence.

Mother of 8-year-old boy who killed himself speaks out