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Lib Dems outline waste plan in election manifesto

19 May 2017

While the party's response to Brexit remains at the heart of the manifesto, additional policies include legalising cannabis and opposing state surveillance.

This change of direction is underwritten in particular by a promise to raise income tax by a penny in the pound at every level.

In their election manifesto, published yesterday, the party's leader Tim Farron said that the Lib Dems' Green Transport Act would include a raft of measures aimed at improving air quality, many of which target private and public transport.

Mrs Bunting said: "These plans would build a brighter future for people in Newbury and West Berkshire and reverse Conservative cuts to our schools, hospitals and police".

The party also pledged a 1p increase on income tax and promised to spend the cash on 300,000 new homes and the education budget.

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The Liberal Democrats have made a second European Union referendum on the terms of any Brexit deal the central pledge of their election manifesto, and pledged to use the next parliament to "protect Britain's place in Europe".

The main opposition Labour party has 31 percent while the Lib Dems lag behind on nine percent, according to the survey of 1,630 people.

In the face of opinion polls suggesting the Lib Dems are failing to make a breakthrough, Mr Farron urged Britons to follow the lead of French voters who rejected the "two exhausted old parties" to elect President Emmanuel Macron.

There is also a pledge to ensure that all teachers are trained to identify mental health issues among pupils and that schools offer immediate access for pupil support and counselling.

Mr Farron said: "Air pollution in the United Kingdom is a killer".

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According to the manifesto, the plan would include a diesel scrappage scheme and ban on the sale of diesel cars and small vans in the United Kingdom by 2025.

He said: "On the biggest question facing all of us, Brexit, which has such huge implications for our young people and our future, Corbyn ordered his MPs to stand down against Theresa May's government".

"With the Liberal Democrats we have clear policies which is winning over voters", he said.

Mr Farron was again forced off message over his religious views and had to confirm he supports a woman's right to terminate a pregnancy after a 2007 interview resurfaced in which he reportedly said abortion was "wrong".

Across the United Kingdom, the manifesto says the Lib Dems would end the 1 per cent cap on pay rises in the public sector, and reinstate housing benefit for people under the age of 21.

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It could also be unlawful depending on the ruling of a British Appeals Court later this year following on from a legal challenge brought against the Government by Labour's Tom Watson and the then-Conservative backbencher David Davis.

Lib Dems outline waste plan in election manifesto