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Health care, A human right or a market function?

19 May 2017

Unlike the thoughtful and collaborative approach conducted by President Barack Obama, this plan was rushed, voted on without fiscal analysis from the Congressional Budget Office, and without input from health care experts and medical professionals.

Legislators opposed to passage of the AHCA say it would leave millions of beneficiaries without health coverage.

It would make NY the first state in the nation to give every resident health care. An official decision on the proposed increase will come later this summer.

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Some insurers have already announced plans to drop out of other state Obamacare health insurance exchanges. States could apply for waivers that would allow insurance companies to charge older people more than five times what they charge younger people for the same policy, and they could eliminate the so-called essential health benefits, including maternity care and mental health coverage.

Individuals with health insurance requirements in the region are now demanding a better system then Obamacare as uncertainty looms. As an alternative, states could enroll people in low-priced, high-deductible plans or let them purchase more expensive policies. "I will be compiling these comments to send to Senate leaders, as they continue reviewing possible major changes to the Affordable Care Act", said Brindisi, D-119, Utica. Holding your breath just might result in you being tossed into a Republican high-risk pre-existing condition pool! In some states - Tennessee and Iowa, for example - there are areas that risk having no insurer at all. Certainly not the voters - who will be doing some heavy thinking about whether we want to send these representatives back for another term in 2018. The more claims there are, the higher the rates go.

But the program was better funded that what the federal bill would give states, said those interviewed. It's a small enough number to be a feasible program to fund, she said.

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Bottom line: Under this version of the AHCA, insurers would still be required to cover individuals with pre-existing conditions - but they'd be allowed to charge astronomical amounts for coverage.

Under the Obama administration, the government paid insurance companies extra money, including $7 billion a year ago, so they could keep plans affordable for relatively poor consumers. "It will be Obamacare as usual in California".

Republicans were roundly criticized for not including any women in their core group, but the Republican women in the Senate who were asked about the omission said they didn't mind.

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