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Arms for Nintendo Switch: Everything You Need to Know

19 May 2017

The news was accompanied by a Nintendo Switch trailer, showcasing the isometric, cooperative combat that players can expect from the game.

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The Nintendo Switch is being well supplemented by a steady stream of first-party exclusives, but at the annual BitSummit expo (an indie festival in Japan), it's all about the smaller third-parties. However, certain details about the game's characters, game modes, and free Demo have been recently revealed ahead of the release date. Well, now that hook will seem a heck of a lot more appealing with the announcement that the game is coming to the Nintendo Switch. It was one of 2016's best games - a relief given its lengthy development cycle. You'll get to train and advance your abilities of two-wheel driving, barrel rolls and more in 6 thrilling game modes.

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If fighting isn't what you really want to do, then there are modes such as V-Ball (where you play volleyball with an explosive ball), Hoops (try dunking your opponents into a basketball hoop), and Skill Shot (wreck as many targets as possible). These modes will allow up to 20 players in the same lobby. It's called Arms because the characters have spring-like arms that zoom towards rivals to land punches. Below is the list of mini-games of ARMS that you can play. Thanks to a partnership with Blizzard, the game will be exclusively tied to, and offer players a number of exclusive technical features such as an uncapped framerate and 4K support. Ranked matches will be available as well as an offline Grand Prix that resembles a single player campaign of 10 matches. This certainly confirms that Owlboy will be coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop in Japan, and I'd wager that's going to be the same for Western markets too. In addition, the new Local Wireless mode will let eight players connect their Nintendo Switch consoles together and battle in a three-player match.

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