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McCain Equates Trump's Scandals With Watergate

18 May 2017

Yesterday, another report surfaced claiming Trump told Comey to end the FBI investigation into former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn.

"I think we've seen this movie before", McCain said, according to The Daily Beast.

McCain was speaking to CBS News' Bob Schieffer as he was about to receive an award during the International Republican Institute's 2017 Freedom Dinner.

Sen. John McCain invoked Watergate in describing the escalating controversy surrounding alleged ties between President Donald Trump's campaign and Russian Federation. "And the longer you make a delay, the longer it's going to last".

Sen. John McCain, who's never been a fan of Trump, also evoked Watergate.

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McCain also reflected on the major headlines that have come out of the Trump White House almost every day for more than a week. Shortly after the news broke, House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffez (R-Utah) requested the Federal Bureau of Investigation hand over any documents detailing communications between Trump and Comey.

Farenthold says Comey would have been duty-bound to report to the Justice Department any command to stop the investigation.

"He says there's a difference between "'Hey, Flynn's a good guy, it would be nice if you cut him a break" as opposed to "I'm the president.

Democrats, meanwhile, have started to use the word "impeachment" themselves.

"It is time that we look at the idea of whether it's an independent commission or a special prosecutor", Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., said in an interview Wednesday on CNN's New Day.

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Flynn was part of that Russian Federation investigation.

But as with the abrupt firing of FBI Director James Comey last week, most GOP lawmakers are restrained in their criticism of Trump.

Even Mitch McConnell hopped on-board the "Chastise Trump" train, by calling for a "little less drama from the White House".

Congress needs to see the Comey memo.

Echoing the same slactivism which led to a Trump presidency in the first place, Republicans who talk a semi-large game but still back the President when push comes to shove help to ensure that nothing will come of this news, nor any other news from the Trump administration.

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