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ExtraTorrent shuts down permanently, bids goodbye to Bittorrent community

18 May 2017

Either way, torrent sites are falling like flies, so maybe it truly is the end.

"ExtraTorrent has shut down permanently".

ExtraTorrent was founded in November 2006, at a time when sites such as TorrentSpy and Mininova were dominating the landscape.

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Users who access the site's homepage are welcomed by a short but clear message, indicating that the popular torrent index will not return (the message appears intermittently). It's additionally advising users to stay away from the plague of fake ExtraTorrent websites and clones that its exit will likely bring about.

Following the shutdown of KickAssTorrents, ExtraTorrent became the second largest torrent indexing site. However, right now, it is unclear whether there was a legal pressure that led to the permanent shutdown of ExtraTorrent. The missive then concludes with an expression of thanks to supporters and the torrent community.

According to a report on TorrentFreak, ExtraTorrent's chief who goes by the codename SaM, confirmed the shutdown of the website. After the shut down of, KickAss Torrents, TorrentHound and recently, one other major player has bid farewell. Moreover, with the demise of ExtraTorrent, it could mean the end for associated release groups as well.

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TorretFreak reached out to SaM and here's what he had to say about the matter: "It's time we say goodbye." . Over the past few months, various torrent sites were pressured to shut down or else face legal action. On top of that ExtraTorrent's release group ETRG has also has been closed, where Ettv and Ethd might have survived if they got enough donations to sustain them and had people ready to keep the platforms going.

This crackdown on Torrents is not a new thing and is a part of a concerted effort from the entertainment industry to combat piracy. In fact, it was second only to The Pirate Bay in terms of visitors. Torrent websites are widely used for sharing of copyrighted content including music, movies and games illegally.

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ExtraTorrent shuts down permanently, bids goodbye to Bittorrent community