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Buhari 'God has extended President's lifespan like Hezekiah' - Cleric

16 May 2017

President Buhari travelled out of the country on medical leave on Sunday, May 7 with the vice president, Professor Osinbajo taking over the rein of government.

"Mr. President did not want to be dictated to by the said official, who had earlier suggested to him that the transfer of power to the Vice President should be limited, while he should be empowered by the President to act as a liaison between the Presidency and the National Assembly, during Buhari's absence".

Frank, in the statement said, "The global community are also waiting to see how Nigeria will handle the matter as this singular act could make or mar the war against corruption in Nigeria".

Fomson said, "It was revealed to the assembly that President Muhammadu Buhari remains God's answer to the prayer of Nigerians for a leader that would make afflictions, pains and hunger things of the past". He had upon his return from the last medical trip to the United Kingdom stated that he would be returning for follow-up treatment.

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Before the president left the country, he handed over affairs to his vice Professor Yemi Osinbajo who now holds the position of the acting president.

The Punch reports that the USA and the United Kingdom however expressed support for the Buhari administration as well as expressing confidence in Osinbajo as acting president.

"The passage of 2017 budget, which is still hanging should bother us more as citizens whose lives are affected positively or negatively by these performances, and not debates over Buhari's health".

"Nigeria is better under Buhari, and I can assured that it would be better and stable at the expiration of President Buhari/APC's presidency".

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Spokesman of the UK High Commission in Nigeria, Joseph Abuku also said the country has confidence in Buhari and Osinbajo.

He said that Nigeria was on the verge of collapse when President Buhari took over from the previous administration led by Dr Goodluck Jonathan.

Speaking to Journalists at the weekend in Abuja, Tarkighir (representing Makurdi/Guma federal constituency) said relevant sections had provided for the Vice President, Osinbajo, to perform the functions of the President, if he is away. The nation, it should be recalled, entered its first recession in 25 years last year after prices of oil, its main export, plunged sharply and its production fell due to attacks on key infrastructures.

The Lord shall keep President Buhari to fulfil his mission in Nigeria.

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Buhari 'God has extended President's lifespan like Hezekiah' - Cleric