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Everything you need to know about 'Star Wars' Day

15 May 2017

The Canadian prime minister, who is known as a longtime fan of Star Wars, posted a photo featuring a pair socks and wrote, "These are the socks you're looking for". "Can you show all the stars from "Star Wars" singing 'All Star" to celebrate?" The book outlines the tradition of epic heroes throughout history as played out in every culture in the world. This date is a day for all the fans and lovers of Jedi, the Skywalkers, the Resistance, Boba Fett, the Hutts, Maz Kanata, Gamorrean guards, General Grievous and Snap Wexley. He's a fantastic composer, and to me the Star Wars canon or saga can't exist without the music.

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While they don't field many autograph requests, the story group represents a significant addition to the "Star Wars" hierarchy, one that speaks to Disney's grand plans for the property.

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He stressed that arguably one of the smartest things George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars ever did was sign on for the merchandising rights of Star Wars back in 1977. Did you have a Star Wars-themed party or important event? That's exactly what happens in this video where Mark Hamill pranks Star Wars fans by surprising them in some pretty hilarious ways, including appearing as a cheap Darth Vader stand-in and more. A "Say No to May 4th" Star Wars Day attack ad from 2013 has a few points to make concerning why this day shouldn't be celebrated with the fanfare seen today. September will be the month where we will get to see the first toys that will be released based on Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Many, including GameStop, LEGO, Hallmark and Build A Bear Workshop are offering special deals and promotions for the holiday.

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