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Vermont House of Representatives Approves Proposal to Make Marijuana Legal for Adults

13 May 2017

House Majority Leader Gary Simrill told his colleagues the Senate "took a roads bill and made it a non-roads bill". The Senate will start considering the bill on Wednesday.

A bill to criminalize trespassing on state lands passed despite criticism from organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union, which claimed the measure was targeting demonstrators who camped out on Mauna Kea to oppose further telescope construction. Rob Bradley, spent most of the day at the rostrum presiding over the day's business. The "prescription" requirement hamstrings the bill for an obvious reason: Marijuana is still federally illegal, and doctors who "prescribe" medicinal cannabis can lose their FDA licenses.

"We are on the verge of voting a mandatory payroll tax on all employees, except ourselves and other elected officials - I assume that means the governor - and the self employed", Harrison said.

"Sen. Bradley's amendment to HB 1397 moves much closer to the House's position than I wanted to see, but nevertheless has the full support of Florida for Care".

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The Amendment 2 ballot initiative was quarterbacked by Ben Pollara and the 501 (c)(4) advocacy arm of the medical marijuana campaign, Florida for Care. "Hundreds of thousands of sick and suffering Floridians are counting on it".

The preliminary approval was granted on a voice vote after hours of debate on the House floor and two attempts to scuttle the bill.

Sirotkin said interest rates are low right now, making it an advantageous time to develop housing. (There are now seven licensed growers.) Then, four new licenses will be available for every 100,000 patients.

Bradley's amendment seeks to change that. "The current system provides this and the issue of additional licenses is secondary to our concern that patients have access". They said their bill is better because House Bill 1242 included a "major, major" tax increase of 0.50 percent. Till, an obstetrician, said many of his patients feel they have no choice but to return to work shortly after giving birth.

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The main sticking point between the House and the Senate versions of the bill is the Senate's cap on three dispensaries per growing license.

"Pollara has disappeared because some existing operators who give him funding want caps on existing retail locations", said one lobbyist who declined to go on the record.

"Last time I checked, Florida was the Sunshine State not a nanny state", Smith said. "Bradley's proposal would allow for the marijuana industry to grow alongside the patient population, providing competition and reasonable access".

The Senate could take up the proposal later this afternoon.

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Vermont House of Representatives Approves Proposal to Make Marijuana Legal for Adults