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GOP Rep's Staff Edits 'Pre-Existing Conditions' Part Of His Wiki

13 May 2017

Angry Obamacare supporters at an New Jersey town hall meeting Wednesday urged the public to repeal and replace Republicans who backed President Trump's bid to nix the landmark health care legislation.

One constituent yelled "shame" when he brought up his daughter, and accused MacArthur of "using" his tragedy.

FILE- In this May 2, 2017 file photo, Rep. Tom MacArthur, R-N.J. speaks with reporters on Capitol Hill in Washington following the Republican Caucus meeting. "I don't see that as some silver bullet", MacArthur said, adding he wanted to give the House and Senate Intelligence committees an opportunity to investigate the matter. "I have sympathy for your daughter, but you did not learn the lessons they were trying to teach you", Ginter went on.

In another cringeworthy exchange, an infuriated Paul Ziegler of Edgewater Park, as New York Daily News reports, says to the congressman, "What is it going to take?"

One voice broke through: "We know your story".

The stories MacArthur's constituents (and others across the country) are telling at town halls are deeply personal, and bely the allegations of paid protests and outside agitators.

"I don't think he understands what the states will do", she said.

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One man in the audience said he believed there was something "mentally wrong" with President Donald Trump before he challenged the congressman: "How long are you and your Republican friends going to defend this American nightmare?"

He heard from a woman (and her sister) who had suffered from drug addiction and was anxious about choosing between her health and her rent. He doesn't care about little people.

Demonstrators hold a "die-in" outside the town hall Rep. Tom MacArthur held in New Jersey on Wednesday.

When MacArthur began taking questions at 6:30 p.m., hundreds of constituents were still outside, unable to fit inside the crammed rec center.

Thanks in part to MacArthur's effort, the House narrowly approved the bill last week by a vote of 217-213, close to the bare minimum needed for passage and with no Democrat votes.

When MacArthur argued against single payer by saying "what I have found is government bureaucrats can be very risky when they have power" he was drowned out from shouts by the crowd.

Throughout the evening, MacArthur explained that very few people with pre-existing conditions would have to pay more - just those who lose their insurance and experience a gap in coverage. "I will not reduce [rape] to calling it a pre-existing condition", he told a high school student.

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While things were getting heated inside the town hall building, they were already in flames outside. Not only did MacArthur vote for the health care bill, he'd been a key architect of the amendment that got it across the finish line.

An investigation published by the Huffington Post Investigative Fund in 2010 showed that many victims of rape were denied coverage because they contracted a sexually transmitted disease, or took medications to prevent one, or they were denied coverage of mental health care to treat the psychological effects of the assault.

Between the unruly crowd and the gamesmanship from MacArthur and his handlers, we didn't learn much of value Wednesday night.

"What I'm anxious about is, if I lose my job, I suddenly am no longer in the market, I'm no longer covered, my governor who is not a friend of people like me right now decides to opt out".

The House Freedom Caucus comes forged from the ideology of the Tea Party movement, which saw a wave of candidates elected to Congress who were nearly as opposed to "regular" Republicans as the Democrats.

They waved green fabric into the air when they liked what they heard and raised red fabric when they disagreed.

"How do you know without a CBO score?" shouted a member of the crowd, referring to House's rush to pass the bill before the Congressional Budget Office could evaluate its costs and effects. "I came to answer your questions and tell you what I think and what I am doing".

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GOP Rep's Staff Edits 'Pre-Existing Conditions' Part Of His Wiki