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Attorneys Say 8-year-old Was Bullied Before Killing Himself

12 May 2017

Students can be seen kicking and hitting the defenseless child for five minutes in a bathroom at Carson Elementary School on January 24, according to a report obtained by the Cincinnati Enquirer.

The boy's mother hired attorney Jennifer Branch to investigate what happened at Carson Elementary School the day Taye went unconscious, according to Fox 19 Now.

"Mom is called, and she's told that he fainted", Branch said After Gabriel reported stomach pain, his mother took him to a hospital for what was believed to be a stomach flu, she added.

"He ends up on the floor, unconscious for seven and a half minutes", Branch told the station, adding that Taye missed school the next day, but returned on the January 26, the same day his mom "found him [dead] in his bedroom" a few hours after he had gotten home from school. They say she only learned of the bullying after attorneys obtained a police investigative file.

Previous reports of the incident alleged several students beat Taye; however, Cincinnati Public Schools released a statement which claimed the video refutes the assertions.

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In the video, Branch said the 8-year-old boy is shown walking into the bathroom and trying to shake hands with the bully, but the attacker forced the victim to the ground - and the boy allegedly "ends up on the floor, unconscious for seven and a half minutes".

Karaguleff said that the tape shows that for almost five minutes after Gabe is knocked unconscious, "many students step over, point, mock, nudge, kick, etc.", Gabe before an assistant principal rushes in. Karaguleff viewed the video February 1, six days after the 8-year-old boy's death, and said he found it alarming: "I saw some concerning events, and I don't even have a child at that school".

"Though the connection between this incident at school and (Taye's) suicide are not clear, the district shared this video with police investigators at the time of the incident".

Two days later, the boy died by suicide.

Reynolds said she took Gabe to Children's Hospital on the night of what the school called a fainting incident, after he vomited and said his stomach hurt.

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Reynolds let Gabe stay home the following day, then sent him to school the next.

Coroner Lakshmi Sammarco said her office will dig deeper into the case based on a surveillance video taken inside Carson School and a police detective's analysis.

They expect to complete that process and release the video to News 5 no later than Friday afternoon. Less than 48 hours later, the young Cincinnati boy would be found dead by suicide inside of his bedroom, hanging by a necktie.

Child Protective Services issues a statement yesterday defending the school actions following the attack. "She couldn't protect him, and now she wants to know what was really going on". "Video evidence does not support this characterization", read a statement released Thursday.

The boy's mother understandably wants answers, as she "had no idea" how long this situation was going on for.

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Attorneys Say 8-year-old Was Bullied Before Killing Himself