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Arraignments Scheduled for 8 PSU Fraternity Brothers Tuesday

12 May 2017

The eight scheduled for court are charged with comparatively less serious allegations. Davis, a freshman from Exeter Township, urged members to call 911 the night Piazza fell but was rebuffed. He joined the other pledges - all dressed similarly in khakis, button-down shirts, and sports jackets - ready to take part in a hazing ritual called "the gauntlet".

When police were finally summoned, they rushed Piazza to the hospital, but he died the next morning. In a statement from their lawyer after charges were filed against the now-former members, the global fraternity said, "The nature of those charges are incredibly disheartening as the organization and its membership continue to grieve Tim's passing and the pain experienced by his family".

Eight of those men are charged with involuntary manslaughter, reckless endangerment, and hazing, among other things.

Prosecutors charged 18 students at Penn State University over his death.

Piazza consumed what prosecutors said was a life-threatening amount of alcohol during a hazing ritual on February 2 in State College, Centre County, and fell down stairs at least twice during the course of the night.

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The drinking was illegal for the pledges all aged under 21 during initiation ceremonies known as "hell week" in the supposedly alcohol dry fraternity house. Other gauntlet stations are not visible from the camera angles. Cameras do not capture what is assumed to be another fall.

And that's likely why, when fraternity brother Kordel Davis screamed that Piazza needed medical help, Davis was allegedly shoved into a wall and called insane.

After shocking details of Piazza's final hours were released, the U.S. media described the young men's behaviour as "sickening" and a "warped show of brotherhood". McCann stated that they "were probably going to need an ambulance". He appears unconscious and on the left side of his abdomen there is a visible bruise. "That is an impossible burden to place on them", the attorney, Steve Trialonas, said in the statement. They even attached a weighted backpack to his back to prevent him from rolling over and possibly choking on his own vomit. He's placed back on the couch forcefully by Beta brothers.

He got up, trying to get to the front door, but fell and hit his head on the door. But when he arrived later, fraternity members told him to "catch up", according to the court documents.

A fraternity brother testified that he found Piazza in the basement at 10 a.m. breathing heavily, with blood on his face. He feels cold to the touch and his eyes remain half-open. Some students poured liquid on Piazza's face and slapped him to wake him up, reports USA Today. Someone called 911 some 40 minutes later.

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A forensic pathologist calculated Piazza had a blood alcohol content between.26 and.36 percent at one point during the night - an amount that would render him "stuporous" and be "life-threatening", the statement said. The fraternity's global chapter leaders issued a statement stating that the Penn State chapter was suspended after the death.

The university on March 30 issued a permanent ban on Beta Theta Pi, which was once regarded as a model fraternity.

Year after year we see stories about horrific crimes committed on college campuses by members of organizations in the Greek system.

"All indicators suggested Beta Theta Phi was a model fraternity - the house, privately-owned and situated like all other fraternity houses on private property, was lovely, the subject of a multi-million dollar renovation; both the Beta alumni and the national organization provided strict rules of behavior; and, the brothers had a no alcohol policy which stated that anyone caught drinking would be expelled", Barron said.

Here you had a young man seeking to become a brother in the Beta Theta Pi fraternity.

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Erie News Now has learned that Penn State has a Responsible Action Protocol created in response to the University Park Undergraduate Association's campaign for a medical amnesty policy.