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UK's Labour Party stung by early leak of election platform

11 May 2017

Corbyn declined to comment on the leak, but the Tories described the draft manifesto as "a total shambles" and claimed it would cost tens of billions of pounds.

About the leak itself Mr Kenny said: "Am I bothered about it? No".

Britain's opposition Labour party will not walk away from Brexit talks without a deal if it wins next month's election, according to a leaked draft manifesto published by several newspapers. "You have to get the leadership question right first and then the public will listen to you on policy".

Disarray surrounding the security breach was heightened when a BBC cameraman was injured by a auto carrying Mr Corbyn to the meeting.

His election "may make it easier for the European Union to come to a sensible conclusion" on Britain leaving, Jonathan Portes, a professor of economics and public policy at King's College London, told AFP.

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"We will reject "no deal" as a viable and negotiate transitional arrangements to avoid a cliff-edge for the United Kingdom economy", the draft manifesto said, according to The Daily Telegraph newspaper.

Speaking in Coventry, just a few miles from a Jaguar Land Rover plant, Brown made no mention of Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn, while repeatedly singing the praises of the city's three lawmakers fighting to retain their seats, Colleen Fletcher, Jim Cunningham and Geoffrey Robinson.

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown said Theresa May can not fight the election on the single issue of Brown, asking what her policies are on security, defence, public services, the NHS, education and inequality.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell insisted it was "a modernising, exciting new modern manifesto".

In its series of travel packages which already includes "Chernobyl, 30 Years Later" and "Greenland Is Melting", the USA newspaper has launched the "Brexit Means Brexit!" holiday, due to take place this autumn.

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More than 80 people were entitled to attend today's Clause 5 manifesto meeting to finalise the Labour manifesto.

This "well-organised anti-Corbyn faction", which would sit on the backbenches, "could make it hard for the current Labour leadership to form a viable opposition because of a shortage of MPs to take up shadow cabinet posts", says the Telegraph.

Corbyn was scheduled to unveil the posted on London's South Bank this morning but he has now been replaced by Labour's election co-ordinators Andrew Gwynne and Ian Lavery to do the launch.

The 43-page document sets out plans to take the energy industry, railways, buses and the Royal Mail back under public control.

And he added: "She is using exactly the same words and phrases that I've been using for 20 years", he said.

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UK's Labour Party stung by early leak of election platform