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How does the Labour manifesto leak affect you?

11 May 2017

Jeremy Corbyn's plans to unleash chaos on Britain have been revealed. The unveiling of the parties' manifestoes - containing solid promises on which they can be held to account - is a centerpiece of every British election.

Labour's manifesto was leaked last night, before it had been officially approved by the party which had been due to happen today.

Jeremy Corbyn said he would stay on as Labour leader after the General Election whatever the result next month
How does the Labour manifesto leak affect you?

Mr Brown repeatedly spoke of getting "advocates" and "champions" for the region elected to the Commons.

He added: 'Mrs May says she wants this single issue election to strengthen her hand with Europe.

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"And it is to be at the cost of manufacturing and the cost of the vehicle industry and the cost of jobs if we are not told what we are voting for on June 8".

The cameraman's left foot was run over by the rear left wheel of the Volkswagen Mr Corbyn was travelling in.

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A leaked copy of the manifesto also shows that the Labour Party will consider to re-nationalise energy, firms, railways, bus companies and Royal Mail, which was fully privatized at the end of 2015.Labour will also consider to abolish university tuition fees if it wins the general election, The Guardian reports.

In response to the leaked manifesto, a Conservative Party spokesman said: "The commitments in this dossier will rack up tens of billions of extra borrowing for our families and will put Brexit negotiations at risk". "Jobs will be lost, families will be hit and our economic security damaged for a generation if Jeremy Corbyn and the coalition of chaos are ever let anywhere near the keys to Downing Street", a Conservative party spokesperson said.

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The party had planned to publish the document next week before the June 8 election.

How does the Labour manifesto leak affect you?