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Some 2000 People Evacuated in Canada Due to Heavy Flooding

10 May 2017

NDP MP Matthew Dube, whose Quebec riding of Beloeil-Chambly experienced flooding in 2011, said flood-ravaged areas will need the military to help clean up all the sandbags troops are helping to put down and local residents will need financial help rebuilding their homes and their lives.

In British Columbia, rain combined with warm temperatures have accelerated the melting of the snowpack, which has resulted in flooding and mudslides throughout the province.

However, the flooding is not supposed to be limited to Quebec, and unusually high rainfall has also caused flooding in the province of Ontario.

Both provinces have been grappling with the impact of heavy spring rainfall.

Four people are missing after some of the worst flooding in decades in parts of Canada.

Residents and soldiers worked hand to hand to build up the sandbag walls as rain continued to fall with more expected in the forecast.

The mother of the toddler was able to escape, but she lost sight of her boyfriend and her child, said constable Claude Dorion.

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Police said the child's mother was able to swim to shore after the auto swerved into Riviere Sainte-Anne on Sunday and that her life was not considered to be in danger.

Crews dredged the lake on Monday afternoon to look for bodies, Mr Dorion said.

RCMP spokesman Dan Moskaluk said Cassidy Clayton, a fire chief in Cache Creek, remained unaccounted for two days after he was believed to have been swept away by a swollen waterway west of Kamloops.

"Their presence itself is reassuring for people" said Couillard, who confirmed that the Canadian government will be picking up the bill for the services the 1,650 troops are providing.

A 76-year-old man is still unaccounted for following a landslide in Tappen, BC, on Saturday and teams there are also on site.

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale has approved Ontario's request for federal assistance for communities affected by the weekend's heavy floods.

"We have what we call 100-year floods and 1,000-year floods", said St-Jacques.

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A state of emergency has been declared in some areas and this will be in place for 48 hours afterwards the situation will be reviewed.

"Naturally the federal government will cover all the costs linked to this aid for Quebec and Ontario", he said.

The Quebec legislature will not sit on Tuesday, allowing members to stay in their respective ridings an extra day, while Montreal's agglomeration council will vote to extend the state of emergency in the area by five days.

Families are evacuated by firefighters in the flooded Montreal borough of Pierrefonds on Monday.

"We are watching closely the events in New Brunswick" on the Atlantic coast, and in eastern Quebec where the rains "appear to be headed", said Goodale.

"And we will go through this hard time together".

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