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U.K. Accuses EU Chiefs of Meddling, Aggression to Skew Election

09 May 2017

Home Secretary Amber Rudd claimed that European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker held "very hostile" briefings against May after an April 26 London dinner meeting to influence voters. Some EU countries "appear to think that for the EU to survive, Britain must fail", Hunt said on BBC television's "Andrew Marr Show". He added: "This question is now what sort of Brexit do we want and what sort of a country do we want to be in the future?"

"This evening the Prime Minister spoke to President-elect Macron to warmly congratulate him on his election victory", a spokesman said, after centrist Macron triumphed over his far-right rival Marine Le Pen. In the United Kingdom, parties who gain momentum in local polls tend to improve on their position in subsequent national votes.

The hack was widely blamed on Russian hackers but now the leak has been pinpointed on US fans of Marine Le Pen
U.K. Accuses EU Chiefs of Meddling, Aggression to Skew Election

He told Radio 4's Today programme: "What we want to do is to have reporting back during the two years and a vote which means they [MPs] can reject the deal and that means that the United Kingdom negotiators go back to the negotiating table". After initially dismissing the report as "Brussels gossip", May changed tack, warning Juncker she would be a "bloody hard woman".

The cabinet minister hinted Theresa May's Conservatives will rewrite their previous pledges on reducing migration when they publish their policy manifesto before the June 8 vote.

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"Threats against Britain have been issued by European politicians and officials", she said.

"Labour's Brexit plan has more holes than a colander".

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Philip Cowley, professor of politics at Queen Mary University of London, said it was clear that May would stick with her strategy.

"To some extent that might have happened anyway, following Brexit and a sense that UKIP had achieved its main goal, but Theresa May's behavior will have removed any doubts UKIP supporters might have had that she was going to take a tough line". Conservative strategists worry that voters won't turn out for May because she's nearly 20 points ahead of her main Labour Party rivals in opinion polls and triumphed in British local elections last week. EU President Donald Tusk on Thursday appealed for calm. Her patriotic rhetoric will only raise the expectations of what she can deliver, and with Britain holding few bargaining chips it is likely these will fall short.

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France's President-elect Emmanuel Macron will be tough in negotiations over the terms of Britain's departure from the European Union but will not seek to punish Britain, his economic adviser said on May 8.

U.K. Accuses EU Chiefs of Meddling, Aggression to Skew Election