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Millennials Dislike Trump, But Like a lot of His Policies: Harvard Poll

09 May 2017

According to the poll, Trump's approval rating among his supporters is at 93 percent. Although he retained his signature bravado and a salesmans confidence in his upward trajectory, he displayed an understanding that many of his own lofty expectations for his first 100 days in office have not been met. Just 8.9 percent said they are afraid they'd lose their job to an immigrant.

But don't expect these results to sway Trump as he approaches the 100-day mark.

Reports indicate that no matter what reviews regarding the president's first 100 days in office may show, his administration continues to assert that he is doing everything but struggling as America's newly minted commander in chief.

The White House isn't responding well to its latest legal setback, issuing an angry statement last night that reads like a missive from a far-right blog - note the multiple references to the "unelected judge" and the phrase "blood of dead Americans on their hands" - and that was before Trump himself chose to start tweeting this morning. It was not that most Americans were doing much better financially - nearly 40 percent said they were doing about the same and 16 percent said they were doing worse than they were a year ago.

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On the crucial issue of healthcare, just 5 percent of respondents held Trump responsible for the failing so far to appeal and replace Obamacare. Trump recently made headlines for the USA strike on Syria, the nation's cutting of ties with Russian Federation, and the stalemate America's military seems to be facing with North Korea.

The 45th president arrived at the White House with quite a to-do list.

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump have both been promoted to key White House roles.

Real Clear Politics, which tracks national polls from media outlets, universities and national polling firms, says Trump's disapproval rating on average is almost 11 points higher than his approval rating.

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Former Democrat president Barack Obama enjoyed a 62% approval rating as he reached 100 days in office, while Republican George W Bush had a 63% approval rating at the same point, Fox reported.

Despite all that, Trump retains support from a 35-40 percent slice of the electorate that has been unshakable.

However, a HuffPost/YouGov survey found that 51% of Americans support the president's decision to launch a missile strike on a Syrian Air Base.

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Millennials Dislike Trump, But Like a lot of His Policies: Harvard Poll