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Cinco de Mayo gets political with Trump supporters bashed

09 May 2017

Across the United States, people are celebrating Cinco de Mayo but probably don't know the true meaning behind it. Thumbs down to over-imbibing and driving.

Saturation patrols have additional officers blanketing streets known for drunken driving stops, arrests, crashes and deaths. In Waco, Texas, a college fraternity at Baylor University was suspended after throwing a Cinco de Mayo party where students reportedly dressed as construction workers and maids and chanted "Build that Wall", a reference to Trump's signature campaign promise.

Funding for the local DUI operations come from California Office of Traffic Safety grants, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The Battle of Puebla took place May 5, 1862. Although the fighting continued after the battle and the French remained for another five years, the victory at Puebla became symbolic.

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Friday marks the 155th anniversary of the holiday synonymous with margaritas, cervezas (beer) and Mexican food.

That sombrero you're wearing, for instance, is never appropriate, unless you're of Mexican heritage.

After all, France still occupied Mexico until they officially withdrew several years after the Battle of Puebla in 1867.

Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday celebrated Cinco de Mayo like so many clueless white people do: by being brazenly offensive to Mexican-Americans.

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Some of the largest celebrations in the USA are held in Los Angeles and in towns throughout the west.

Officials say the number of people arrested for DWI on Cinco de Mayo typically goes up when the holiday falls on a weekend. Want to throw your own Cinco de Mayo party? It's Chandler, Arizona. Even Vancouver celebrates, marking the day with a "skydiving boogie" that consists of aerial acrobatics and an air show.

Whatever you can donate, whether it's a few bucks a month or one donation a year, help the Mexican Cultural Institute of NY promote and protect Mexican culture in the United States, in addition to creating programs that enhance local communities.

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