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White House Considers Re-designating N. Korea as Terrorism Sponsor

28 April 2017

"It was an OK briefing,"Republican Sen".

"Past efforts have failed to halt North Korea's unlawful weapons programs and nuclear and ballistic missile tests", Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Defence Secretary James Mattis and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats said in a joint statement, calling it an "urgent national security threat".

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) called it an "important" meeting.

Leahy describes the Administration's approach to North Korea as little more than "saber rattling" and he thinks it has little chance of being successful.

"I seriously felt like I could have gotten all that information by reading a newspaper", Duckworth said.

Trump has discussed North Korea with United Nations ambassadors, increased US military presence in the region, and leaned on China to pressure Pyongyang.

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He said: "In confronting the reckless North Korean regime, it's critical that we're guided by a strong sense of resolve, both privately and publicly, both diplomatically and militarily. But also, what you'll see soon is using the economic dimension of national power as well as the military preparations that are underway".

"What we are seeking is the same thing China has said they seek - a full denuclearization of the Korean peninsula", he said.

"We remain open to negotiations to towards that goal", they reportedly told the senators.

However, the statement warned that the U.S. was "prepared to defend ourselves and our allies". The regime then launched four ballistic missiles on March 6.

During a concert held on April 16 and attended by Kim, a video was broadcast showing missiles arcing over the Pacific and leaving a USA city in flames, followed by images of a burning American flag and a cemetery filled with white crosses.

The legislation, approved by the House Foreign Affairs Committee last month, is meant to cut off supplies of cash that help fund North Korea's nuclear program, and increase pressure to stop human rights abuses such as the use of slave labor, the bill's sponsor, Foreign Affairs Chairman Ed Royce, said.

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When asked why the White House was chosen, Delaware Democrat Christopher Coons said, "I don't know".

"North Korea jeopardizes the stability in Northeast Asia and poses a growing threat to our allies and the US Homeland". "He may be ruthless, he may be a murderer, he may be someone who in many respects we would say by our standards is irrational, but he is not insane", Tillerson said.

After the Senate meeting was announced, the White House made a decision to hold a briefing for members of the House, but at the Capitol. The president stopped by the briefing at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building on the White House grounds.

According to the Department of Defense, as of 2016, approximately 54,000 US military personnel are stationed in Japan and another 28,500 are stationed in South Korea. U.S. Pacific Command Commander Adm. Harry Harris said earlier in the day that the system would be operational "in the coming days".

Beyond that, the administration is said to be considering adding North Korea to the official USA list of "state sponsors of terrorism".

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White House Considers Re-designating N. Korea as Terrorism Sponsor