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Rob Kardashian's Snapchat meltdown has family scared for his life

23 April 2017

In the preview, the Kardashian-Jenner family is anxious about Rob, 30, after he got into yet another explosive fight with the 28-year-old model.

In a sneak peek of this week's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim gets super candid about Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's famously on again/off again relationship.

\"We\u0027re all anxious about Rob, so I brought Corey with me to Rob\u0027s house just to see what was going on, \" she explained. In case you forgot, just before Christmas, the former video vixen walked out on her fiancé after he seemingly hacked into her Instagram account.

She said: "I feel like every person who's in a long-term relationship, or who is committed to their person, goes through ups and downs". It's not like some secret. "Rob can be really irrational and he just has to learn to really take responsibility for himself and not blame it on Chyna", she says.

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"This just like all has to stop", she says, voicing exactly what we've been thinking for the past year now.

"It's so clear what this relationship is, and that they're just not meant to be with each other", Kim admits.

And, like us, Keeks expresses her disdain for the twosome's volatile relationship.

During the sit-down with Kim and Corey, Rob confesses to being "hurt" by Chyna and implies that the 28-year-old model may not be honest about her feelings for him.

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"I wanted people to know that I'm hurt, that this is f-ed up", says Rob.

"That's insane, the police just came - like eight of them, or whatever", says Rob, 30.

The episode is expected to cover all of the things that happened on December 17 when an angry Chyna left the home she shared with the father of her second child. "How much do you guys want to bet - I'll bet money that she does not come back to me".

Meanwhile, Kim reminds Rob that she and Chyna go way back (remember, they used to be good friends years ago), but that "just seeing the motives is what's hurtful".

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Last night, Rob Kardashian posted a series of Snapchats featuring Blac Chyna, who was casually sporting a lilac-colored wig. "I would expect you to be in love with me and you keep saying we're getting married and this and that", he said.

Rob Kardashian's Snapchat meltdown has family scared for his life