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United to compensate passengers on flight when man dragged off

22 April 2017

Unless you live under a rock, you have seen the video taken by a passenger.

Zalewski said he has talked to Aviation Commissioner Ginger Evans, describing her as "livid" about the passenger's treatment.

The flight has made worldwide headlines and earned massive outrage since Sunday after airport security officials violently deplaned 69-year-old Dr. David Dao.

Fox News reported Dao's family appreciates the outpouring of prayers, concern and support.

Passengers are required to ensure all of their documents are in order and they check in on time to protect all of these rights when it comes to being bumped off a full flight. We wouldn't get (someone) off just because the airline wants them off. Lask said Dao has a strong case against both United as well as Chicago's airport police. "I'd rather he spend his time changing the culture of United Airlines".

The incident on United Express flight 3411 has led to calls for stricter regulation of airline overbooking.

Munoz said his initial response "fell short" of expressing how he felt.

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United spokeswoman Megan McCarthy said on Wednesday that the passengers can take the compensation in cash, travel credits or miles.

"Munoz reiterated his regret over the incident Sunday, which sparked widespread outrage and mushroomed into a global public relations disaster after video of passenger David Dao, 69, his face bloodied, being dragged off the plane, went viral".

No passengers on the plane have mentioned that Dao did anything but refuse to leave the plane when he was ordered to do so.

None of the officers, who are represented by Service Employees International Union 73, have been identified by city officials. The others did as they were told, but Dao refused and was yanked out of his seat and dragged off the plane by airport security. A lawsuit hasn't been filed.

"The use of law enforcement aboard an aircraft has to be looked at very carefully", Mr Munoz told ABC, adding the airline will no longer use police to remove passengers from flights.

United, in all their wisdom, chose to call airport security and Chicago police to remove the doctor forcibly.

His daughter says the family was "horrified, shocked and sickened" to learn and see what happened.

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"Every day passengers are being "bumped off" flights", Christie wrote.

Thomas Demetrio said at a news conference Thursday that airlines have treated us as "less than maybe we deserve". The airline asked for volunteers to free up seats on the flight, offering financial compensation.

Airport officials have said little about Sunday's events and nothing about Dao's behavior before he was pulled from the jet that was bound for Louisville, Kentucky.

Already, attorneys have filed a chancery motion asking that all evidence in the case be preserved.

The passenger, Dr. David Dao, is a Vietnamese American, and Vietnam is becoming a particular hotbed of anger over the incident. He refused to leave. It's an oft-overlooked policy to which passengers agree when they book tickets.

Today, unlike other airport police forces in Los Angeles, New York and Minneapolis, Chicago's aviation police are not allowed to carry guns. They curtly inform you of numerous Federal Aviation Administration regulations, constantly remind you of how many pieces of luggage you can bring on board, and semi-threaten those with roll-aboards that they'll likely need to gate check it, and painstakingly explain common-sense things, such as how to use a seatbelt.

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United to compensate passengers on flight when man dragged off