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Ron Estes wins 4th District congressional seat

22 April 2017

Specifically, this election was a window into how voters in this deep-red congressional district feel about Trump and Republicans' leadership right now.

Democrat James Thompson, left, lost to Republican Ron Estes.

The chairman of the national Republican congressional committee said the result heralded victories to come. A group that formed following Sanders candidacy, Our Revolution, supported Thompson during the campaign through social media and recruited volunteers to make phone calls on his behalf.

It's a hard district for a Democrat to win and Thompson, an attorney, was a first-time candidate. For example, Estes was the sitting state treasurer in a state government run by the deeply unpopular Gov. Sam Brownback, a Republican.

However, the close margin in Tuesday's race could hamper Republican efforts to recruit candidates, according to Patrick Miller, a political science professor at the University of Kansas. Donald Trump also won the district by 27 percent.

For this and other reasons, it's a good idea to watch the voters in Kansas.

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"You do not get to the single digits in a district like this if you're a nationalized Democrat", said Meredith Kelly, the communications director for the committee.

Thompson came up short in his bid to beat republican Ron Estes in a special election to replace current Central Intelligence Agency director, and former U.S. Rep Mike Pompeo in the Kansas 4th congressional district.

Estes is the state treasurer.

This week saw an amazingly close race in the special election for Kansas's 4th Congressional District, one of the most conservative parts of the country.

President Donald Trump's approval ratings are low. He said he wants to work for free and fair trade, a balanced federal budget and the repeal and replacement of the Obama administration's health care plan.

"The Associated Press says Republican Ron Estes has won the special House election to replace Mike Pompeo".

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Estes won 53 percent of the vote to 46 percent for Thompson.

Ossoff's message mirrored the one that is coming out of the new DNC leadership, and House and Senate Democratic leadership.

In the final days of the race, Texas Sen.

"The 4th District is tough for Democrats", Loomis said. It's true that late polling had Estes underperforming, having dropped into a virtual tie with Thompson with just a +1 edge.

Even so, any extrapolation from special elections - whether in Kansas, Georgia, or anywhere else - must be tempered. "I mean, they're blind with rage". But he also said he didn't vote for Trump in the presidential election because he doesn't "believe in the party line".

Now, the narrow win for Estes has some Republicans concerned. Ted Cruz to help Estes eke out the victory. "A wonderful guy, I need his help on Healthcare & Tax Cuts (Reform)", Trump tweeted Tuesday morning.

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Democratic hopes rest with Jon Ossoff, 30, a former congressional staffer turned investigative filmmaker who has raised more than $8 million, an extraordinary amount for a special election. Estes defeated civil rights lawyer James Thompson by only about five percentage points, suggesting some backlash against Republicans since November.

Ron Estes wins 4th District congressional seat