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On-Again, Off-Again Speech by Ann Coulter Is On Again

22 April 2017

But Coulter remained defiant and proclaimed over social media that she still intends to show up for the original timeslot. "If Berkeley wants to have free speech, they are going to get it", YAF spokesman Spencer Brown said.

"We regret this outcome - especially given our unqualified support for our students' right to bring speakers of their choosing to the university, and out deep commitment to the values and principles embedded in the First Amendment of the US Constitution".

The university said an "expanded search" has uncovered a venue on campus that meets their security criteria.

University of California, Berkeley officials say they have a "grave concern" of violence on campus if Ann Coulter follows through on her threat to speak next week on campus.

Further details about the decision reversal were not immediately available.

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Coulter was originally scheduled to speak at the university on Thursday, after she was invited by student groups that have been described as campus Republicans. The letter faulted organizers for failing to notify the school or seek a security review before signing its contract with Coulter.

Her visit was cancelled on Wednesday by administrators citing "active security threats", but Republican students said it was an attack on free speech.

According to officials at the University of California, Berkeley, groups responsible for recent violent protests were planning to target the talk by controversial political commentator Coulter, who is often likened to the UK's Katie Hopkins.

The Washington Post reports that Coulter had made some demands of her own, including one that any students engaging in violence be expelled from the school.

More than 20 demonstrators were arrested.

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"Our approach is going to be different than the approach for the Milo event, again based on our after-action review", UC Berkeley police Capt. Alex Yao said. The speech had been planned for April 27.

Noting that classes won't be in session that day, Coulter took to Twitter and in one tweet called a story about the announcement in the Daily Californian "fake news".

Although Berkeley College Republicans advised Coulter not to agree to those stipulations, she did, they wrote.

Coulter, however, vowed to speak anyway.

"You can not impose arbitrary and harassing restrictions on the exercise of a constitutional right", Coulter told "Hannity" on Thursday night. YAF's statement to press reads: "The university, and U-C chancellor Janet Napolitano personally, have revealed themselves to be using taxpayer money for an unconstitutional objective". More likely, the university would have asked local law enforcement for full protection and stood up for the principles of free speech. The event is being largely subsidized by the Young America's Foundation, a conservative group.

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