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Love or hate 'em, Apple's Live Photos are coming to the web

22 April 2017

Apple has today unveiled its Live Photos API that would allow developers to incorporate the animated photos into web content, for the first time since its introduction. In addition to enabling Live Photos on iOS and macOS, you can now let users display their Live Photos on the web.

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Furthermore, Apple has also included the demo on how to setup the Live Photo module and get it working. This means that the iPhone's Live Photos can now be used in iOS apps, Mac apps and on websites. Developers will also be able determine how long a Live Photo plays and whether users should only see the media play if they click the "Live" button on the top right corner of the photo. Apple recently shared the code behind the living pictures, allowing third-party developers to integrate them into their apps and websites. Essentially, it is a JavaScript API that would be presented in a DOM, and users may control it through player controls in the UI or through the elements present in the API for controls. Of course, it's up to the web developers to add this API to their sites, so you'll have to wait for your favorite sites to enable support before you can start sharing your Live Photos with everyone on the web.

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The new toolkit from Apple follows Tumblr's launch of Live Photos for the web, which filled the then lack of an official way from Apple to add Live Photos to websites.

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Love or hate 'em, Apple's Live Photos are coming to the web