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Lotus Exige Cup 380 Arrives with Race-Ready Looks and Specs

22 April 2017

This new auto is the Exige Cup 380, said by Hethel to be "the ideal balance between fully type approved road vehicle and genuine race auto to deliver ultimate track-and-back street-legal Lotus".

A range of aerodynamic components have been added to the Cup 380, ensuring high levels of cornering ability and high-speed stability. Even the Exige's windscreen wiper has been aero tuned - now resting in a vertical position to avoid disrupting air flow.

0-60mph comes in 3.4 seconds (0-100km/h in 3.6 seconds) while the top speed is 3mph slower than what the Sport 380 can achieve, mostly because of the increased downforce, at 175mph (282km/h).

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Lightweight parts come for the front splitter, access panel, roof, diffuser surround, side pods, tailgate, and rear wing - and they also deliver 441 pounds (200 kilograms) of downforce at 175 miles per hour (282 kph) - a 40 percent increase over the Sport 380.

Under the hood, the Cup 380 uses the same motor as the Sport 380 - a supercharged, 3.5-liter V6 putting out 375 horsepower and 302 pound-feet of torque.

Lotus has one-upped itself with the new Exige Cup 380. A T45 steel roll-over bar is fitted as standard. A six-speed manual gearbox is fitted as standard.

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There are four user selectable ESP modes (Drive, Sport, Race and Off). In a new development, theLotus Exige Cup 380 includes a variable traction control function which is linked directly to the ECU and allows the amount of wheel slip to be set by the driver. And because it is a genuine track auto as well as a road vehicle, it comes with adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars, adjustable damping, Cup tires as standard, plus a T45 steel rollover bar and towing hooks, meaning it can be legally entered into a race. Stopping power is provided by AP Racing forged, four-piston brake calipers and grooved performance two-piece brake discs. It can be made fully race compliant in fact, with further options including harnesses, an electrical cut-off, an extinguisher, an FIA spec roll cage and a non-airbag wheel.

Inside, Lotus fits carbon-fibre sports seats with Alcantara trim and leather or tartan additions, an Alcantara steering wheel, carbon-fibre sills and improved graphics on the instruments. Since its introduction this has proved increasingly popular, with 25% of all new cars undergoing some form of personalisation. In the United Kingdom, buyers will spend £83,000 in the United Kingdom and €109,900 in Europe.

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Lotus Exige Cup 380 Arrives with Race-Ready Looks and Specs