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Democrats' 'unity tour' is highlighting their many divisions

22 April 2017

"It is not acceptable to you that we remain the only major country on earth not to guarantee health care", he said.

"We invested in the following ways: When people were out there knocking on doors, they were using the DNC's voter file", he said. Acknowledged it is happening and something must be done to counter it. "How are we going to make their lives better?".

"Donald Trump did not win the election - the Democrats lost the election!" he said (again) during an event in Miami on Wednesday night.

"No, I am an independent", Sanders replied, before launching into a lengthy explanation of what ailed the party - whose nomination he sought in 2016 - and what it needs to do in order to reclaim power.

But the point, Sanders reminded folks, wasn't to shine a light on himself. It is not acceptable to you, that we remain the only major country on earth not to guarantee healthcare to all people as a right, and that is why I will soon be introducing legislation calling for a Medicare for all single-payer program.

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Former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders talks with Kentucky Coffeetree Cafe owner Mary Nishimuta on Tuesday, April 18, 2017, in Frankfort, Ky. "And you know what, we're going to take you on". "It's about you, and it's about your children, and it's about your parents, and it's about the environment".

The Democrats' "Come Together and Fight Back" tour was supposed to put to bed differences between the establishment wing of the party and Bernie Sanders supporters, still pointing fingers over their party's Electoral College defeat in November.

Hayes noted that Hillary Clinton's "hopeful" campaign ultimately failed against President Donald Trump's counter-message, which often blamed immigrants for America's economic troubles, and asked if Democrats are willing to adopt Sanders' candid opposition to the ruling class.

A part of the opening act, local Congressman John Yarmuth, D-Kentucky, seemed liberated and encouraged by the space to stand with and openly agree with Sanders. "One trend we did see in 2016 was that concern about Trump's temperament and fitness to be president of the United States enabled the Democrat to peel off a lot of Republican-leaning voters in suburban districts", Fallontold Vox.

But that's a whole other issue. "He is the only politician that people are listening to that actually cares about the middle-class". But Sanders remains one of the few nationally well-known political figures on the left who can draw a crowd. Perez defeated Sander's preferred candidate to lead the DNC, Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison in late-February.

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It takes more than being a younger Democrat for a candidate to gain Sanders' support.

On Tuesday, Sanders brought numerous roughly 2,800 in Louisville to their feet by reprising key lines from his 2016 campaign, including: "Our job is to take on the moneyed interests".

Troy Jackson, a logger from the northern Maine town of Allagash and the Maine Democratic Senate leader, said it's time that Democrats work harder for those communities. "So what I am imploring you is break through the mold". Because first of all, Perez doesn't completely disagree with Sanders' critiques.

"Trump told the American people..."

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