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China puts bombers on 'high alert' amid tensions in Korean peninsula

22 April 2017

Trump, speaking at the White House on Thursday during a joint news conference with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, cited "some very unusual moves" that the Chinese government had "made over the last two or three hours".

Experts point out that China also wants to prevent North Korea from becoming a full-fledged nuclear power - and certainly wants to prevent a war on its southern border that could send millions of refugees flooding into China and potentially risk bringing a usa military presence to China's borders. The officials played down concerns and left open a range of possible reasons. None of the US officials who told Reuters about the heightened level of activity by Chinese bombers suggested alarm or signaled that they knew the precise reason for such activity.

President Donald Trump says North Korea is a "menace" - but he didn't want to cast the country's dictator as "mentally unstable" as he talked about him Thursday. However, the UN Security Council and the Secretariat have failed to respond to their demand to date.

UNITED NATIONS The United Nations Security Council on Thursday condemned North Korea's latest missile test and demanded Pyongyang not conduct any more nuclear tests in a statement that was delayed as the United States and Russian Federation sparred over its language.

Tokyo hopes to persuade Pyongyang through dialogue to end provocative acts such as the launching of ballistic missiles and nuclear tests, and prevent the situation from developing into an armed conflict.

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"It is a situation where a lot of (military) exercise equipment is amassed in North Korea and also a lot of strategic assets are situated on the Korean peninsula because of the South Korea-US military drills", Lee told a briefing.

Ahn Hong-seok, a 22-year-old college student, said that if Trump "is a person capable of becoming a president, I think he should not distort the precious history of another country".

"Do you believe that the leader of North Korea is mentally unstable?"

From two continents, Pence and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis warned that North Korea's latest failed missile launch was a reckless act of provocation and assured allies in Asia that the US was ready to work to achieve a peaceful denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

South Korea and the USA have also been conducting annual joint military exercises, which the North routinely criticises as a prelude to invasion.

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The U.S. Defense Department does not comment on deployments of the WC-135 Constant Phoenix aircraft used to collect samples from the atmosphere to detect and analyze nuclear explosions.

"I have great respect for the president of China", Trump said.

The blistering remarks came a day after Vice President Mike Pence threatened North Korea himself, saying that America's "sword stands ready" if the regime were to use conventional or nuclear weapons.

More than 60% of South Koreans support the idea, according to opinion polls, despite the fact that this 'could spark Japan also to acquire nuclear weapons'. We're doing a lot of work.

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