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'Charging Bull' Sculpture Artist Not Happy With NYC Over 'Fearless Girl'

22 April 2017

But Arturo Di Modica, who sculpted the bull, wants the girl moved. He said he's upset that his sculpture, which he installed in 1989, is no longer a symbol of "freedom, world peace, strength, power and love", thanks to the "Fearless Girl".

People stop to photograph the "Fearless Girl" statue in NY, made by Lewes artist, Kristen Visbal.

But Siegel argues the statue is a publicity stunt and cites the removal of a plaque at the statue's base, which referred to an exchange trade fund "SHE", as an admission "Fearless Girl" had an ulterior motive. Arturo says the placement of Fearless Girl exploits the animal, undermining its integrity.

Siegel said they are asking for the statue to be moved to another location, noting they had lots of ideas of possible homes for her.

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The work of U.S. artist Kristen Visbal, the bronze "Fearless Girl" was installed last month, standing defiant, hands on hips and chin jutting out, directly challenging the bull.

Speaking to the New York Post in March, "Fearless Girl" artist Kristen Visbal said she sympathized with Di Modica's concerns, "but the world changes and we are now running with this bull".

But hours after Di Modica and Siegel held a news conference Wednesday, de Blasio indicated that he may be of little help to the Charging Bull sculptor, tweeting, as others did Wednesday, support of Fearless Girl.

Mr Di Modica's statute was installed in 1987, without any city permits. At a news conference Wednesday, Di Modica talked about what the bull stands for and what effect the new sculpture has had on it. "Women, girls, that's great, but that's not what that (my sculpture) is", he told MarketWatch.

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Visbal's work was also installed in the middle of the night, though this time, with a permit. After a public outcry from its subsequent impounding and removal by the city of NY, it was moved into its current position with an official ceremony in 1989. Authorities originally removed the work, but later reinstalled it after public outcry made clear that New Yorkers wanted the bull to stay.

This overt reference to State Street's SHE Index could contribute to Di Modica insistence that Fearless Girl is nothing more than marketing trickery orchestrated by the firm's NY advertising partner, McCann.

The bronze girl became so popular that thousands of people signed a petition demanding it remain permanently.

A lawsuit has not yet been filed, added Siegel, who has yet to provide further details.

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