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White House pushes uncertain bid to revive health care bill

21 April 2017

However, congressional aides were quick to say there are no signs that the House would be ready to vote on a proposal next week, despite other media reports suggesting the chamber would vote on Wednesday. After the administration's initial failure to pass the bill through the House of Representatives, the White House hopes new changes to the bill will please the conservative holdouts in the Freedom Caucus.

Critics argue this could make it more hard for some people to get healthcare, and GOP aides have said the changes may make it hard for centrists in the GOP caucus, who also opposed the first bill, to back this one.

Shares of HCA Holdings, the most valuable publicly-traded hospital company, fell 1.8 percent, while Tenet Healthcare dropped 4.1 percent and Community Health Systems fell 3.9 percent.

During a question-and-answer session in London, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) announced that Republicans are busy putting together a second attempt at dismantling the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), according to The Hill. The aide feeling perhaps the most pressure, according to people close to the discussions, is the chief of staff, Reince Priebus, who was blamed internally for the botched vote count around the first repeal effort and is closest to Ryan within Trump's circle.

The AHCA also would provide about $100 billion to the states in a "stability fund" that could be used to establish and subsidize high-risk pools.

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Revamping the USA tax code has become a new legislative test for President Donald Trump after a Republican push to repeal former President Barack Obama's signature healthcare law failed last month in a humiliating defeat for the party.

MacArthur had already been a "yes" vote on the GOP's previous measure, the American Health Care Act, before it was pulled by House leadership in March.

For instance, states could choose to put people with pre-existing conditions in "high-risk pools".

Drew Hammill, a spokesman for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said the White House comments make it "more difficult" to reach an agreement, arguing that there is intense opposition to the wall from Democrats in both the House and Senate. So the appearance of activity on health care is better than nothing. Tom MacArthur, R-N.J., co-chairman of the moderate Tuesday Group, discussed over the recess a potential amendment that was created to build support from hesitant lawmakers on both sides of the GOP political spectrum.

The compromise will keep parts of Obamacare moderate Republicans like, such as protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

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"So for the first time, as this person reported to me, if the House can get a vote next week or soon after, the Senate may jam it right through fast". States can only access these waivers if they intend to do so for the objective of reducing premium costs, increasing the number of people insured, or otherwise benefiting the state's public interest.

Say what you will about the House GOP, but they're cognizant by now of their own shortcomings as a cohesive governing body. "It would tee up the budget process and tax reform and it's very needed".

Repeal of the Affordable Care Act was a major Trump campaign promise and a longtime goal of House Republicans.

"When it explodes, [Democrats] come to us and we make one lovely deal", Trump said.

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White House pushes uncertain bid to revive health care bill