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West Virginia governor signs medical marijuana bill

21 April 2017

Gupta said, in addition to time to develop regulations, the delay allows for more research into medical marijuana uses to be completed.

Oversight for implementation falls to the Department of Health and Human Resources' Bureau for Public Health which will have regulatory and enforcement authority over the growing, processing, sale and use of medical cannabis within the Mountain State.

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice (D) signs Senate Bill 386, the Medical Cannabis Act, on April 19, 2017.

And West Virginia is on the tail end of the medical marijuana trend.

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JZSAnother 18 states have approved medical marijuana laws that MPP deems "ineffective because they are either unworkable or exceptionally restrictive". All but three states legalize some part of the drug found in the cannabis plant for medical cause (mostly the compound cannabidiol, which research suggests doesn't get people high but can help with anxiety and pain). Western, redder states with a libertarian streak followed. More than nine out of 10 American voters think marijuana should be legal for medical purposes.

West Virginia will become the 29th state in the U.S. to decriminalize marijuana, after a bill to legalize it for medical purposes is passed. In November, voters in all or mostly GOP-controlled OH and Pennsylvania legalized medical marijuana by ballot. Patient identification cards could be issued starting in July 2019. Eight states have legalized recreational pot, and not one via a state legislature.

Lawmakers in Pennsylvania and OH approved them last April and June, respectively.

"This legislation is going to benefit countless West Virginia patients and families for years to come", says Matt Simon of the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), a West Virginia native.

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The Obama administration decided not to enforce some of those laws as it reduced mandatory prison sentences for nonviolent drug offenders. "In light of this near universal support, it is shocking that some legislatures still have not adopted effective medical marijuana laws".

Congress may soon have to decide between Sessions or the states.

The buyer must be 21 or above, if it is for recreational marijuana in Washington, Colorado, and Oregon.

According to critics, the war on drugs has led to a disproportionate number of people of color behind bars and making them disenfranchised from society.

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That strategy worked for medical marijuana. Two decades ago, it was almost impossible to imagine a state like West Virginia legalizing medical pot. Now, it's barely even news.

West Virginia governor signs medical marijuana bill