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Trump says USA relations with Russian Federation at 'all-time low'

21 April 2017

US President Donald Trump has described relations with Russian Federation to be at an "all-time low" following the US missile strike on a Syrian airfield last week.

While Russia says sarin was released when Syrian government forces accidentally struck a building where terrorists were hiding a cache of deadly chemicals, the USA says it has images proving the bomb left a crater in a road rather than hitting a building.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that trust had eroded between the two countries under US President Donald Trump. But he said it was an open question where relations go from here.

Russian Federation says the chemicals that killed civilians last week belonged to rebel forces, not Assad's government, and accused the United States of acting on a false pretext.

Using its veto power, Russian Federation not only blocked the United Nations from investigating a recent chemical attack in Syria, but it kept the U.N. from even condemning it.

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"It can't be a worst sight".

"Russia, as their closest ally in the conflict, perhaps has the best means of helping Assad recognize this reality", said Tillerson.

"I like the way we spent yesterday. How do you know that?"

The comments come as Russian Federation vetoed a motion in the United Nations to condemn a poison gas attack believed to be launched by Bashar al-Assad's forces that killed 87 people last week.

Trump's grim assessment of U.S. -Russia ties came shortly after Tillerson struck a similar tone after meeting with Putin in Moscow.

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But Lavrov, on Thursday, offered a speck of optimism for the future of the relationship between the two Cold War foes.

Lavrov, addressing a news conference, said that Moscow is ready to restore an air safety agreement covering Syria which it had suspended after last week's United States missile strikes on Syria.

Putin has condemned the US military assault on a Syrian airfield, saying that the move represents an aggression against a sovereign state in violation of global law under a far-fetched pretext.

UK ambassador to the United Nations Matthew Rycroft said it was "indefensible" for Russian Federation to support the Syrian regime, as UK scientists in Porton Down confirmed that samples from the scene tested positive for a toxic chemical known as sarin.

That's why I supported last week's limited action against the airfield from which Assad's air force launched the chemical attack.

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Wayne White, former deputy director of the State Department's Middle East intelligence office, told Xinhua that the idea of Washington and Moscow reaching a consensus is highly unlikely. ECONOMIC ISSUES Trump says his administration will not label China a currency manipulator, backing away from a campaign promise, even as he says the dollar is "getting too strong" and eventually will hurt the USA economy. First and foremost, there was an important conversation with President Vladimir Putin.