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Main » Trump follows Turnbull's visa changes with 'buy American and hire American' order

Trump follows Turnbull's visa changes with 'buy American and hire American' order

21 April 2017

"This will stop. American workers have long called for reforms to end these visa abuses, and today their calls are being answered for the first time".

Regarding the concept of reorienting the H-1B lottery to be a system that prioritizes the "most-skilled or highest-paid" visa applicants, the Administration needs to be careful about unintended consequences.

The administration says in some cases employers skip past American job applicants and hire foreign workers with the same skills because they can pay them less.

Trump is heading Tuesday to Kenosha, Wisconsin, where he plans to sign an order dubbed "Buy American and Hire American", said administration officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity despite the president's frequent criticism of the use of anonymous sources. Some lawmakers, including members of the Congressional Black Caucus, contend that companies need to do a better job at recruiting and hiring skilled African-American workers. "Does that make sense?" said the U.S. president.

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President Donald Trump says he agrees "100 percent" with a proposal from Democratic U.S. Sen. The order will increase restrictions on the waivers that public agencies use to buy goods from overseas, require agency chiefs to sign off on any exemptions to domestic sourcing requirements and mandate that transportation projects use steel that has been "melted and poured" in the U.S. That takes work away from Americans, lowers wages and keeps Americans from being trained in tech-related fields, they say.

President Donald Trump will be ordering a thorough review of the country's high-skilled immigration visa program Thursday after having signed an executive order Tuesday targeting the H-1B program.

They seek a more merit-based way to give the visas to highly skilled workers. This month USCIS got 199,000 H-1B visa petitions; thus the government office needed to turn to a mechanized attract of parts to decide the destiny of successful candidate.

A bulk of H1B visa winners, every year, are from Indian IT giants like Infosys, Wipro, TCS, Cognizant and others.

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"The Justice Department will not tolerate employers misusing the H-1B visa process to discriminate against United States workers", said Acting Assistant Attorney General Tom Wheeler of the Civil Rights Division. Outsourcing firms have since usedd the program to replace USA workers with low-priced immigrants, despite federal law mandating that the visas can not "adversely affect the wages and working conditions" of Americans. It was unclear whether the latest such order would yield immediate results.

"It really honestly does not change anything", he said.

Trump and other critics of the program say it is abused by those Indian firms, who - they claim - flood the visa lottery with applications and then send workers to the US on salaries that undercut their American counterparts.

"This does nothing", said Senator Charles Schumer of NY, the Democratic leader. "It's not going to create a single job".

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In addition to addressing the visas issue, Trump also ordered a review of government procurement rules favouring American companies to see if they are actually benefiting, especially the United States steel industry.