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Sanders Urges Party To Go Beyond Comfort Zone

21 April 2017

Donald Trump did not win the election - the Democrats lost the election! I have tried calling many times but get no response.

Back in 1985, Sanders said "I am not now, nor have I ever been, a liberal Democrat".

The DNC's unity tour this week, headlined jointly by party Chairman Tom Perez and Vermont Sen. Bernie didn't sign the letter. Tom Perez's carefully worded rhetoric that seeks to avoid rocking the boat will not be enough to impress people who feel like the Democratic Party needs to radically move in the direction of a progressive Sanders-influenced platform. Thompson raised a fraction of Ossoff's haul, and in smaller contributions, a hallmark of Sanders' own campaign. When Sanders was unable to make inroads with the party's "super-delegates", the senator and his faithful talked about the "rigged" party system, and even after the senator endorsed Hillary Clinton and campaigned on her behalf, it was nearly always on the party's terms. Sanders, who attracted millions of college-aged and young adults to his presidential campaign past year, is following through on a promise he made when he left the race: to promote younger leaders for the Democratic Party.

"Maybe, just maybe it's time to change one-party rule in Nebraska", said in University of Nebraska-Omaha's packed Baxter Arena Thursday, headlining a Democratic Party rally in the GOP-heavy state. He would urge support of all Democratic candidates in the next two election cycles 2017 and 2018 to take back control of the agenda in state government and Congress.

"They're attempting to show that there's unity developing between Bernie Sanders and the party leadership".

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DETROW: Well, I think that Perez and some of the DNC leaders who have come on board - again, he's only been chair for about a month or so. She told me she was participating on a DNC transition phone call.

Most Kentucky Democrats have tried to distance themselves from the Affordable Care Act, mostly because of its association with former President Barack Obama.

She said raising the minimum wage could change her life for the better.

Democrats need to focus on taking the party into the future. Democrats are also setting their sights on the governor's mansion.

"What we have to do as Democrats is to articulate very clearly that Donald Trump's vision for America is a vision for the top one percent of the one percent", Perez added. Sanders, as always, is the firebrand, though now he comes with a power base of passionate supporters the party is desperate to win over.

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Perez and Sanders are on a cross-country tour of red and purple states in hopes of reenergizing the Democratic Party and bolstering the grassroots resistance to Trump.

In Kansas, Democrats came close to winning Mike Pompeo's open seat.

During the race for chairman, the DNC effectively splintered.

"But when we do that, we do not forget about the people who kept the lights on for decades", he said. A good candidate for Democrats in Kansas might be a bad candidate for Democrats in NY or California. "There's more that unifies us than divides us". During this congressional recess, Perez should be touring the nation with Democratic officeholders in each state - those men and women who have won office as Democrats because they found the way to reach their constituency. Mom-and-pop businesses need relief, and Democrats should be advocating for that.

These voters will not agree on every issue or every candidate.

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Sanders Urges Party To Go Beyond Comfort Zone