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Russian Federation vetoes Security Council resolution on alleged chemical attack in Syria

21 April 2017

Moscow blocked the UN Security Council action against its ally for an eighth time.

Even as Russian Federation vetoed a resolution condemning and calling for an investigation of the chemical weapons attack in Syria last week, there were positive signs out of the U.N. Security Council yesterday as the USA tackles dual global crises of Syria and North Korea, all while relations with Russian Federation continue to sour.

China, which has also vetoed several resolutions in the past along with Russian Federation, abstained on this one - a move welcomed by President Donald Trump at a White House news conference. According to Putin, the fighters from these states pose a real threat to Russia's security.

"Let us view this moment of crisis - and it is a moment of crisis - as a watershed and an opportunity for a new level of seriousness in the search for a political solution", said De Mistura. "They were there. So we'll find out", he said.

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Tillerson reiterated the USA belief that Assad ordered the attack, though he stepped back from the U.S. charge that Russia was covering up Assad's culpability."With respect to Russia's complicity or knowledge of the chemical weapons attack, we have no firm information to indicate that there was any involvement by Russia, Russian forces into this attack", he said. Only a few days before Assad's chemical attack, the U.S. had been suggesting that the removal of Assad was no longer a priority.

Not long before Trump spoke in Washington, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson struck a similar tone after an nearly two-hour meeting with Putin, saying the two countries had reached a "low point" in relations. Putting the draft to a vote a day before that would serve no useful goal, he emphasised.

According to an expert and statements of U.S. officials, the move will likely be followed by a trilateral strategy that prioritizes the defeat of Daesh in Syria, but looks to weaken Assad and possibly seek a bargain with Russian Federation that could include lifting of sanctions imposed following the annexation of Crimea. The main problem was that the "troika" of drafters had named a perpetrator before a proper investigation had been conducted, he said, adding that by presenting a "doomed" resolution they had undermined the Council's unity. No one has yet visited the site of the crime.

Antony J. Blinken, a former deputy secretary of state, recently said, "We always knew we had not gotten everything, that the Syrians had not been fully forthcoming in their declaration".

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The attack, believed by investigators in Turkey and elsewhere to have used sarin, killed around 100 civilians and injured some 500 in the opposition-held town of Khan Sheikhun, Idlib. But he told a news conference at the White House with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg that alliance members still need to pay their fair share for the European security umbrella.

Before travelling to Moscow for talks with his Russian and Syrian counterparts, Zarif criticised Washington's unilateral move and reiterated his call for an impartial worldwide investigation into the attack, Efe news reported.

"If the regime is innocent, as Russian Federation claims, the information requested in this resolution would have vindicated them".

"Today's vote could have been a turning point".

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But at the same time, we have to find ways to engage with Russian Federation, to talk with Russian Federation. "We've once again encountered a Russian veto, the 8th time that Russia has used its veto to protect the Syrian regime".

Russian Federation vetoes Security Council resolution on alleged chemical attack in Syria