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Riverdale's Shannon Purser Reveals She's Bisexual

21 April 2017

Some viewers were upset that the same-sex kiss between Betty (Lili Reinhart) and Veronica (Camila Mendes) didn't lead anywhere, but Purser defended her costars against "angry Beronica stans" in a tweet that has since been deleted.

Welcome to the family, Shannon!

The teenage actress insisted in her Twitter post that she hadn't meant to do that with her message, writing: "I have never ever wanted to alienate anyone".

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One of Stranger Things' young stars has come out as bisexual.

Purser then shared a succession of subsequent tweets reiterating her Christian beliefs and said she was "encouraged" to hear from other LGBT Christians after revealing her own sexuality.

Stranger Things star Shannon Purser has come out as bisexual, one week after admitting she's suffered "anxiety" over her sexuality.

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When fans got mad at Purser for dismissing Beronica shippers, she posted a screenshotted statement saying that she is bisexual.

This is the first time Shannon has specifically identified her sexuality on social media, but she has talked about it vaguely before. Didn't think a girl with my body type could get this far. I'm so excited to watch you explore your identity. "It can define you as much as you want it to", she wrote. "I forgot it was there &now it's in the trash". "Please don't give up on yourself". While she did not use any specific labels, Purser offered words of encouragement to those who may also be facing the same struggles. Again, I wish I was as fearless, honest, and open about this as she was in this note. "There are some very graphic scenes in there that could easily trigger painful memories and feelings". But it was her level of honesty about a personal but relatable situation that made her even more endearing to us.

Her tweets are often open, vulnerable and very disturbing, but at the least, she always ends with an optimistic outlook for the future.

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Riverdale's Shannon Purser Reveals She's Bisexual