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Pro-pot activists plan to hand out joints outside Capitol

21 April 2017

Colorado lawmakers have rejected a last-minute proposal to ban marijuana churches where users can congregate inside and smoke pot.

This year's 4/20 party follows successful legalization campaigns in California, Nevada, Maine and MA, which joined Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington as states that allow recreational marijuana.

"There are a lot of Republicans, not just Democrats and progressives, who support this, so we wanted to take a fun and lighthearted approach that brings people together", Eidinger said. He insisted the police were out of line. Schiller said he believed Thursday's arrests were intended as a pre-emptive strike against that action.

According to a press release on the DCMJ website, attendees of the "1st Annual Joint Session" are entitled to receive "two free marijuana joints".

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The smoking stunt is meant to highlight the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment, which prohibits federal authorities from interfering with D.C. cannabis laws.

Seven people were arrested on possession charges and led away. Activists say they were within their rights, but Capitol Police didn't see it that way.

That jurisdictional tension was on full display Thursday, as U.S. Capitol Police arrested a number of organizers, including DCMJ's director, Adam Eidinger. He said he was surprised by the arrests.

"We know that our members have not broken any laws here today", Laycock said.

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Though there were plenty of nighttime events planned, about two dozen pot fans in the Los Angeles area opted for a morning celebration, gathering around 9 a trailhead in the Altadena foothills for "High'ke", a 2.5-mile trek that promised joints to everyone who made it to the 5,600-foot peak of Mount Lowe.

The conflict between federal and local laws on marijuana played out in the shadow of the Capitol on Thursday, when seven pro-pot activists were arrested for doing something that's been legal in Washington for the past two years " handing out free joints. That event is to call on legislators to respect local and state marijuana laws, remove marijuana from the list of Schedule 1 drugs and move toward legalization.

The event - which DCMJ is calling their first annual "joint session" - is open to anyone who works on Capitol Hill with a valid congressional ID.

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Pro-pot activists plan to hand out joints outside Capitol