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Main » Pakistan SC orders further probe against Nawaz Sharif in graft case

Pakistan SC orders further probe against Nawaz Sharif in graft case

21 April 2017

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif should be anxious after the Pakistan Supreme Court's majority verdict on Thursday.

The JIT will present its report before the bench after every two weeks. The Prime Minister's family is accused of buying property through funds routed through Saudi Arabia and Qatar - a trail established in the Panama Papers that were leaked from the Panamanian firm Mossack Fonseca that documented offshore deals of the rich and famous around the world.

Government supporters could be seen celebrating the judgement with candies outside the court in Islamabad, where around 1,500 police commandos and riot forces had been deployed ahead of the highly anticipated decision.

Almeida said the prime minister's main vulnerability was the continuing electricity crisis, which he had been unable to solve.

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Maryam Nawaz, the Prime Minister's daughter, immediately tweeted photographs of Sharif in a celebratory mood with his family, embracing his brother Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif.

The inclusion of the intelligence agencies in the investigation means Sharif and his family "won't be able to play around or drag their feet", he said.

The controversy is the latest to hit Sharif, an industrialist serving his third term as prime minister after the first two were interrupted by interventions from the country's powerful military. In its ruling, it said sufficient evidence was not available to order his removal from office.

Zardari told the media, "On what grounds is PML-N celebrating and distributing candies?" However, the judgment pointed out that she had stated in her response to the Supreme Court that her brother Hussain Nawaz Sharif was the owner of the four London flats since 2006 while she was a trustee of those properties for the same brother.

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The affair comes ahead of next year's general election at which Imran Khan, the chair of the opposition Pakistan Movement of Justice party (PTI) is to challenge Sharif.

"We will see what other political forces decide, and the people's decision will also guide us", he added. I also says that people have been made fool through the judgement, ” Zardari said. In October 2016, following a wave of mass protests, the Supreme Court accepted petitions calling for public hearing of the case.

Earlier, the area around the Supreme Court, located in Islamabad's Red Zone, was put on "red alert", with around 1,500 police, Rangers and Frontier Constabulary personnel deployed for security arrangements.

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Pakistan SC orders further probe against Nawaz Sharif in graft case