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Nike Announces New, Limited Edition Apple Watch Dubbed 'NikeLab'

21 April 2017

What's new here is the color palette; while the Nike+ comes in a black or white color options, the NikeLab variant combines both to form a stunning new design, with a Space Gray aluminum body and Light Bone/Black band.

Called the Apple Watch NikeLab, the new device is limited edition and created to be "the ultimate style companion" for those who love to run.

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There's no word on the price tag, but we'd imagine it'll be around the same as Apple Watch Nike+, which starts at $369/£369.

Nike has announced a new iteration of the Apple Watch 2 Nike+ edition, but don't be getting your hopes up as pertains to new features.

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Why this matters: Save for the neutral-toned band and the NikeLab logo, Apple Watch NikeLab seems near-identical to the previous Apple Watch Nike+ models.

Apple and Nike first teamed up in September of 2016 for the Nike+ Apple Watch that launched alongside Apple's own set of Series 2 Apple Watch devices.

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Apple and Nike are launching a new Apple Watch model at the end of the month, but it's hard to spot any major upgrades in the Apple Watch NikeLab.

Nike Announces New, Limited Edition Apple Watch Dubbed 'NikeLab'