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New Chicago Bears 7-round mock draft

21 April 2017

The San Francisco 49ers now own that second pick. Beyond then, his deal is easy to get out from under if the Bills choose to do so. After Garrett's name is called first, the draft drama will really begin. However, he's not good enough that a team should draft him above a generational talent like Garrett. Join the With the First Pick team!

The Mercury News is reporting that the Niners are open to the idea of moving down from No. 2 and getting extra draft picks. Of all the roster needs, we didn't include a quarterback, based off our belief Tyrod Taylor will be given one more season to prove if he is the long-term solution in Western New York. "If you're the Browns, it's, 'ok, we have to get in front of Buffalo now. maybe we have to move up and trade with Carolina or the Chargers or Jets. if we want Trubisky, we want to be sure we get him, but we don't want to spend the No. 1 pick on him'".

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Further, Galko writes that the Bills were one of the teams Trubisky turned to for advice, when deciding whether to declare for the 2017 draft. However, this is also countered by people saying Pegula's attendance at the workouts proves his desire to resolve the most important position on the field.

I don't have any inside information, but I would be very surprised if the Bears moved up in the first round from the No. 3 spot. It's probably being done by a team drafting lower that actually medically cleared the said player and wants him to drop.

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Or possibly the Cleveland Browns, who are specifically cited by King as one such anxious team. If the Bears wanted to trade down from No. 3 overall to, say, No. 8 overall - which is worth 1,400 points - the team holding the eighth selection would have to give to the Bears draft picks that make up the 800-point difference between the two.

I don't know how busy Pace's phone is nowadays, but he's definitely got two or three other general managers on speed dial for all contingencies at this rate. "Jamal Adams.no matter what - except in the event of more draft picks".

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New Chicago Bears 7-round mock draft