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Nearing 100 days with limited accomplishments, Trump calls it a 'ridiculous standard'

21 April 2017

His regime has also been marked by controversy over USA intervention in Syria, and widespread dismay at his choice of the conservative Jeff Sessions as attorney general.

President Trump, who as a candidate put forward a contract with voters on what he accomplish in his first 100 days in office, on Friday called that a "ridiculous standard".

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Mr Trump seized on a poll by Rasmussen Reports - a poll whose methodology was questioned by others - which suggested his approval rating stood as high as 49 per cent.

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The "S.C." was apparently a reference to Trump's Supreme Court pick, Neil M. Gorsuch, whom the Republican-led Senate confirmed this month after changing its filibuster rules over fierce objections from Democrats. His second attempt at a Muslim ban executive order was blocked by a federal court.

Since then, the first 100 days has been the test of a new president's productivity, though none have come close to matching FDR. Those included bills to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, dramatically cut taxes, spur $1 trillion in infrastructure investments and significantly expand school choice.

Also casting a shadow over Trump's first 100 days is a set of ongoing investigations into Russian election interference and potential ties between members of Trump's presidential campaign and Moscow.

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Trump's travel ban, the policy version of a proposal that began during the GOP primary as a promise to ban all Muslims from entering the USA, has also stumbled out of the starting blocks.

The first 100 days of a new administration are generally understood to be among the busiest, when a freshly-sworn-in president can begin making good on promises he made during the preceding campaign.

"There are those that say I've done more than anybody in 100 days", Trump said February 28 on Fox.

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Nearing 100 days with limited accomplishments, Trump calls it a 'ridiculous standard'