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May wins Parliament vote to hold snap elections on June 8

21 April 2017

MPs voted 522 to 13 in favour of a no confidence motion in the government, meaning Theresa May now has the power to go ahead with a general election on June 8.

May also told the BBC that her political opponents were intent on "frustrating the Brexit process" " even after Parliament authorized divorce talks with the EU.

A still image from a video footage shows Britain's opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn addressing the House of Commons in central London April 19, 2017.

"That's why it is the right and responsible thing for all of us here today to vote for a general election". A choice of stability and a clear vision for Brexit provided by Theresa May and the Conservative Party, or the other choice, a Labour Party lead by Jeremy Corbyn with no clear vision on Brexit and a party that can not unite behind him.

With Conservatives leading the polls, the election's undercurrent will be all about what kind of Brexit Britain will live with.

The early ballot will give the prime minister - or her replacement - more time to implement Brexit before another election.

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"What the British people - what the people of the United Kingdom - voted for a year ago was for the UK to leave the European Union".

After months of denying the election would be brought forward from 2020, May performed a U-turn on Tuesday arguing her decision was to strengthen Britain's hand in Brexit negotiations.

May repeated her reasons for calling the mid-term poll, insisting that opposition parties and the House of Lords were allegedly a hurdle to her government securing a good deal for Britain from Brussels.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said the election "gives the British people the chance to vote for a Labour government that will put the interests of the majority first".

The last parliamentary session will be held on May 2 before campaigning begins.

May will be going into the election holding 330 of the 650 seats in the House of Commons, with a working majority of 17.

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Mrs Stuart, MP for Birmingham Edgbaston, said she wanted to see a government with a strong majority - but said she believed this was unlikely to be a Labour government.

He said: "The Prime Minister and her cabinet have decided they want to have an election and within the constraints of the fixed parliament act, which I hope we will eventually get rid of, there has to be a vote in parliament".

"The negotiations were meant to start in June regardless of the United Kingdom government (election) decision", he said when a journalist recalled the all-clear for negotiations is planned for late May. "I will be asking the British people for a mandate to complete Brexit and to make a success of it".

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker's spokesman said there would be no delay to negotiations, which the Commission's chief negotiator Michel Barnier has previously said would start in early June.

She told The Sun she made a decision to reverse earlier pledges not to go to the country early because she wanted to be able to go into Brexit negotiations with the "backing of the British people" as her "very clear mandate".

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