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Jeremy Corbyn says election is not a 'foregone conclusion'

21 April 2017

Most intermediaries operating in property and asset finance did not expect Theresa May to call for a snap general election, according to a poll by United Trust Bank.

The newspaper published a sensationalist piece on its website claiming that Corbyn's son Seb is "preparing to mount a campaign to replace his father's political aide Steve Rotheram".

"However this is the Labour Party; he is the leader of the Labour Party; and members of the Labour Party, Members of Parliament, candidates [and] rank and file members will fight like hell to advance the Labour cause".

The party's leaders¸ Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley, have written to Jeremy Corbyn and Tim Farron offering the deal.

The intention is to tie the hands of europhile Conservative MPs who might challenge her in the months ahead, the tabloid said. "But things can, and they will, change", he said.

Conservative leader May sprang a major surprise on Tuesday by calling a June 8 election, three years ahead of schedule, to capitalise on a dramatic collapse in support for Labour and win a stronger mandate to boost her in complex divorce talks with the European Union.

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Britain's Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, speaks at an election campaign event in Church House, London Thursday April 20, 2017. Mr. Corbyn, however, largely avoided any mention of Brexit.

"But of course those people don't want us to win".

"A second referendum is not our policy and it won't be in our manifesto", the spokesperson confirmed.

Mr Corbyn said the likes of business tycoons Sir Philip Green and Mike Ashley were monopolising money that should be shared by everyone.

"It is wealth that should belong to the majority and not a tiny minority".

He vowed: "We will no longer allow those at the top to leech off of those who bust their guts on zero-hours contracts or those forced to make sacrifices to pay their mortgage or their rent".

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"The British people know they are held a system rigged for the wealth extractors", he said.

Mr Corbyn's speech came amid speculation about Labour's taxation plans, after Mr McDonnell suggested the wealthy, who he defined as earning over £70,000 a year, should "pay their way more".

Constantly questioned about his competence and ability to win since his election as party president in 2015, Corbyn faces the ultimate test within weeks, instead of in 2020.

"They say I don't play by the rules - their rules".

The Labour leader also dismissed the opinion polls, with YouGov giving the Tories a 24 point lead.

He made clear Labour's manifesto would be "fully costed and will be all accounted for and paid for".

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