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'Infowars' host Jones says his on-air persona not a 'trick'

21 April 2017

On Wednesday's Late Show, the host impersonated Jones with a new Jones-like character "Tuck Buckford", a hard-charging InfoWars conspiracy theorist prone to firing off pro-masculinity, anti-government tirades.

Alex Jones was described by his attorney as a "performance artist" when he pushes provocative conspiracy theories aimed at undermining tragedies like the Sandy Hook school shooting.

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The Austin American-Statesman reports ( ) that Jones discounted any suggestion that he's "playing a trick on the public" with his on-air persona.

To hear Jones tell it, that loud, that lemon sour diesel, that OG Kush, that headband, those Girl Scout Cookies, the fact that you can no longer take a bong hit without momentarily losing the ability to form a sentence-all of it stems from George Soros, the liberal financier who is public enemy number one in Jones's cosmology of global power players. "He is a performance artist". He ran through some of the juicier parts of the Alex Jones custody trial, like the allegations that Jones had a proclivity to disrobe at home and during family therapy sessions as well as on the air, and his use of the "chili defense" to explain why he couldn't remember basic facts about his children.

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He discussed further: "The problem with Alex Jones is that his act has real consequences". His website has also nurtured the idea that the tragedy, and others like it, were staged with actors posing as victims. While testifying in his custody trial today-on 420, no less-Jones revealed yet another seemingly benign thing he believes to be a product of the conspiracy: sweet, mind-melting high-grade cannabis.

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'Infowars' host Jones says his on-air persona not a 'trick'